Gunnar Idenstam & Johan Hedin - Låtar - Swedish Folk Tunes - CD
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cd cover Gunnar Idenstam and Johan Hedin
Låtar - Swedish Folk Tunes ()

Gunnar Idenstam, organ and Johan Hedin, nyckelharpa, play tunes, reels and other dances in eighteenth-century, late Baroque style, plus a waltz tinged with the Spanish Renaissance, a dance from Italy and a number of original compositions. A unique combination and a unique recording. (Hybrid CD/SACD)


Nr 20
Polska efter Donat

1 Saltarello
2 Långdans från Sollerön
3 Gammelvänster
4 Nr 20
5 Skär
6 Barockfavoriten
7 Polska efter Donat
8 Vallåtspolskan
9 En bit härifrån
10 Löfbergspolskan
11 Polska efter Ceylon Wallin
12 Lång Jässpod på bergom
13 Junipolskan
14 Polska från Östra Ryd
15 Dance V
16 Inte sörjer jag
17 Polska efter Gössa Anders
18 Polska efter Pisten
19 Bingsjö långdans
20 Polska efter Bellman

Press from the record label:
Gunnar Idenstam, organ and Johan Hedin, keyed fiddle, play tunes, reels and other dances in eighteenth-century late Baroque style, a waltz tinged with the Spanish Renaissance, another dance from Italy and a number of compositions by the musicians themselves. The music has characteristics of rock, reggae, medieval music and gospel.

Gunnar Idenstam is a freelance concert organist, composer and folk musician. He gives concerts all over the world. As a folk musician he seems to be unique - in his manner of transferring the genuine Swedish fiddler tradition to the church organ or to the pump organ and the keyboard.

Johan Hedin (who just recently released a solo CD, Innersta polskan - Innermost Reel), on another record label, grew up in the province of Småland, in an area where folk music was cultivated. Johan often plays in groups where different genres meet and are inspired by one another, as in the trio Bazar Blå (Bazar Blue). He has also put a lot of work into developing the keyed fiddle´s construction. Johan has also composed music for the keyed fiddle.

Listen - and you will hear that Swedish folk music and the Baroque have many features in common!

The CD is a hybrid multichannel SACD (Super Audio CD) and can also be played on any standard CD player.

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