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cd cover Göran Månsson

Flute player Göran Månsson plays traditional folk tunes, mainly from Medelpad area of Sweden, as well as some newly composed works. He uses instruments and playing techniques that are both traditional and modern innovations of the tradition, accompanied occasionally by percussion and other flutes. Guests include Jonas Simonson and Harald Pettersson.

Två kringpolskor
O Gud all sannings källa

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  • Liv
  • Na
  • Polska efter Göran Lång
  • Två kringpolskor
  • Mammut
  • O Gud all sannings källa
  • Vildhalling
  • Två Kringpolskor
  • PJ
  • St Göran och draken
  • Lapp-Nilspolska
  • Tokryck
  • JJ Bruun
  • Lortagubbens Vals
  • Avresan

    The record label says:
    Göran Månsson is one of Sweden's most dynamic recorder and flute players within traditional and early music, and plays with groups such as Raun, Månsson & Åberg and Frispel. On this new solo album, Göran shows that recorders, flutes and whistles, though not so commonly heard, are indeed suitable instruments for traditional Swedish music. He takes the playing to new technical levels on recorders of varying sizes, down to the sub contra bass recorder, as well as wooden flutes and traditional wooden whistles. The playing style is very varied, from flowing to percussive, and the tune settings vary just as much. The repertoire comprises both traditional and newly composed material and it takes the listener back to Göran's musical roots in Haverö in central Sweden.

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