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Music from Guatemala 2: Garifuna Music (Caprice Records - CAP 21631)

Garifuna Boys "Nijen catei bimeti ya"

From the record label:
The Garifunas live along the eastern coast of Central America. This fantastic music vibrates with old African and Caribbean cultural roots and historic past. Here you can meet, for the first time on CD, several varieties of the infectious music of the Garifuna minority of Guatemala - from the traditional to the modern!

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"Three Garifuna groups from the Caribbean coast perform on the Caprice title. Suamen is the most traditional, combining an acute female vocal chorus with the garaon duo and diverse percussion. Ugandani augments three acoustic guitars with electric bass, but covers a traditional repertoire associated with wakes and the Christmas custom of going house to house soliciting small gifts of food, drink and money. The Garifuna Boys favor a contemporary sound called punta rock, an increasingly popular regional dance style (the unfamiliar ear might gloss it as soca ). It adds keyboards, electric bass and occasional brass and synthesizer to the core drum and percussion ensemble. But the Garifuna Boys retain a sense of traditional proportion, not always the case elsewhere in the isthmus. Whether they realize it or not, every dancehall-cruising budget traveler to Central America has heard the jacked-up takeoff of punta rock that conferred a species of pop notoriety upon a number of regional pick-up groups (e.g., Banda Blanca, Banda Impacto, Los Gatos Bravos, Grupo Ebano, Los Profesionales, Chico Ramos, Los Roland, Los Silver Star, Sopa… all wildly popular, listener discretion advised). - Michael Stone, RootsWorld. Read his full article on Garifuna music

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