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Folk Music in Sweden Series
Unique recordings of Swedish folk music which present the country's musical heritage in all its breadth and richness. This series is of high value both the those with a professional interest as well as listeners just searching for the roots of the Swedish folk movement. English notes are included. See a listing of the entire series

Volume 3
Traditional Folk Music

A survey of the whole breadth of Swedish folk music. Many of the recordings were made " in the field" - from 1942 onwards - in the summer pastures and in the homes of folk musicians and singers. Others reflect the Swedish folk music of the present day, partly in traditional form and partly in the vigorous mixture of musical styles developed during recent years. Among those contributing are Karin Edwards, Pelle Jakobsson, Eric Sahlström, Gössa Anders, Pål Olle, Susanne Rosenberg, Per Gudmundson and Marie Selander as well as folk music groups Norrlåtar, Väsen, Frifot and Hedningarna.

Track Listings
1. Lockrop/Herding call 2.11 
Performer: Edvards Johansson, Karin

2. Lockrop på kor, får och getter/Herding calls 
for cows, sheep and goats 1:00 
Performer: Jonsson, Dansar Edvard

3. Vallåt efter Frisell, Mockfjärd/Herding 
signal after Frisell, Mockfjärd 1:44 
Performer: Jakobsson, Pelle

4. Beväringsmarsch från Leksand/
Soldiers march from Leksand 2'04 

5. Baxningsramsa/Heaving rhyme 1.13 

6. Jojk efter Olof Johannes Blind 0.35 
Performer: Egemyr Ponga, Thomas

7. Renar/Reindeers 0.43 
Performer: Egemyr Ponga, Thomas

8. Ro ro till fiskeskär/Skatan sitter
 i päronaträd 0:59 
Performer: Larsson, Lena

9. Lill Pelle spring kring 0.24 
Performer: Pålsson, Sara

10. Jag satte mig i min hussarelåg 1:32 
Performer: Olsson, Alice

11. Vals efter Sadelmakare Kalle 1.36 
Performer: Vickman, Viktor Gille, Justus (1897)

12. Polska 1:54 
Performer: Sahlström, Eric (1912 - 1986)

13. Slängpolska efter Byss-Kalle 2:32 
Performer: Väsen,

14. Je hade en son å han hette Jon 1:04 
Performer: Martinsson, Martin

15. Leja tjänstepiga 1:33 
Performer: Samuelsson, Edith

16. Den lillas testamente 2:03 
Performer: Andersson, Ester

17. Polska efter Ola Lans, Sjötorp 1:16 
Performer: Berndt, Carl-Eric

18. Vals efter Ola Lans, Sjötorp 1:26 
Performer: Berndt, Carl-Eric

19. Den signade dag 0:56 
Performer: Tillas, Gustav

20. Den signade dag 1:29 
Performer: Jonsson, Finn Jonas

21. Herde, du som fåren betar 2.22 
Performer: Björkman, Konrad Björkman, Axel

22. Det är solsken där borta på kullens topp 2:26 
Performer: Karlsson, Tyra

23. Kom helge And 1:09 
Performer: Rosenberg, Susanne

24. Lill-Nils/Hej Dåna-Malin/
Jungfrun hon satt i rännbacken knak 1.00 
Performer: Sikström, Karin

25. Lapp Nils-polska efter Munter Johan 1.25 
Performer: Olsson, Måns

26. Slängpolska 1.20 
Performer: Sjölander, Axel

27. Liv-Antes polska 2.32 
Performer: Öst, Eric Olsson, Theodor

28. Sexling (engelska) 2.00 
Performer: Andersson, Helge

29. Polska efter Sven Larsson, Duvberg 1.29 
Performer: Mesch, Fritiof

30. Jössehäradspolska efter Magnus Olsson 2.55 
Performer: Edén, Mats Stinnerbom, Leif

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