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Folk Music in Sweden Series
Unique recordings of Swedish folk music which present the country's musical heritage in all its breadth and richness. This series is of high value both the those with a professional interest as well as listeners just searching for the roots of the Swedish folk movement. English notes are included. See a listing of the entire series

Volumes 26, 27 and 28
Swedish Fiddlers from the Past (3 CDs)

Here are to be found the earliest documentary recordings of Swedish fiddlers in existance, made by ethnographer Yngve Laurell between 1913 and 1920 with the aid of a phonograph. Among the cylinder recordings which have been kept, more than one hundred are to be found at Svenskt visarkiv, and a few are owned by The National Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm.On these 3 CDs are to be heard 25 fiddlers, from Jämtland in the north to Småland in the south, and a total of 141 melodies. Many of the tunes haved been issued before in the LP series "Äldre svenska spelmän Vols. 1-3". This time, however, Yngve Laurell's cylinders are heard in as complete a form as possible.

Track Listings

1 CD 1:1 Polska
2 CD 1:2 Vals efter Spel Jöns
3 CD 1:3 Giljarepolska
4 CD 1:4 Polska
5 CD 1:5 Greft Anders brudpolska
6 CD 1:6 Brudmarsch från Jämtland
7 CD 1:7 Storvalsen efter Lapp Nils
8 CD 1:8 Vals
9 CD 1:9 Kvarnpolska
10 CD 1:10 Gökpolska
11 CD 1:11 Vismelodi
12 CD 1:12 Jämtlands brudmarsch
13 CD 1:13 Polska efter Lapp Nils
14 CD 1:14 Brudmarsch från Jämtland
15 CD 1:15 Brudmarsch från Jämtland
16 CD 1:16 Brudmarsch från Jämtland
17 CD 1:17 Polska
18 CD 1:18 Vallåt
19 CD 1:19 Getkauk
20 CD 1:20 Vals
21 CD 1:21 Polska från Ragunda efter fadern
22 CD 1:22 Polska efter Jämt Olle ("Forsslundspolskan")
23 CD 1:23 Orsa brudmarsch efter Bleckå Anders
24 CD 1:24 Storpolska
25 CD 1:25 Gånglåt
26 CD 1:26 Forsslundspolskan
27 CD 1:27 Polska
28 CD 1:28 Pekkos Pers brudmarsch
29 CD 1:29 Vallåt
30 CD 1:30 Brudpolska

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