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Folk Music in Sweden
Unique recordings of Swedish folk music which present the country's musical heritage in all its breadth and richness. Here is assembled a series that is appealing, accessible, and easily usable to listeners both within Sweden and beyond its borders.

Volume 25
Folk Music in Transition

Folk music is always found wandering through different environments and genres. Swedish composers and musicians from various epochs, working in different musical styles, have been inspired to incorporate traditional songs and melodies in widely different musical connections. Follow the course of a polska from Hjort Anders to the highly romantic splendour of tone of the 1920s in Hugo Alfvén's Dalarapsodi , but listen also to a careful piano arrangement by Knut Håkanson. Here are original recordings of singers and folk musicians followed by their respective adaptations, beginning in the 19th century and continuing to the present day. Included are music and arrangements by Richard Dybeck, Hugo Alfvén, Hilding Rosenberg, Ingvar Lidholm, Jan W. Morthenson, Karin Rehnqvist, Johansson/Wallin/Hallberg , "Folk och Rackare" and "Hedningarna". This is a reissue of the LP Folk Music in Transition from 1982 completed by still more variants of transformed folk music.

1. Hornlåt från Rättvik och Ore 0:36 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Jakobsson, Pelle

2. Ur Vallvisor och Hornlåtar 2:40 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Lindkvist, Anna De Jounge, 
Fredrik Fredriksson, Christer Meilink, 
Diederik Scarby, Eric

3. Om än jag än reste till världens ände 0:50 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Jonsson, Dansar Edvard

4. Kristallen den fina 2:11 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Orphei Drängar,
Conductor: Ericson, Eric

5. Polska efter Pekkos Per 1:12 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Olsson, Hjort Anders

6. Polska från Dalarna 1:05 
Composer: Håkanson, Knut (1887 - 1929)
Performer: Landström, Mårten

7. Djävulspolskan 5:40 
Composer: Alfvén, Hugo (1872 - 1960)
Performer: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra,
Conductor: Svetlanov, Evgenij

8. Rudegull seglar 4:37 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Grönlund, Allida

9. Vänner och fränder 4:40 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Folk och Rackare,

10. Lockrop/Herding calls 2:00 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Edvardsson Johansson, Karin

11. Intermezzo, Den bävande frågan 4:03 
Composer: Lidholm, Ingvar (1921)
Performer: Lidholm, Ingvar (1921)

12. Det for två vita duvor 2:07 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Persson, Vickes Johan

13. Det for två vita duvor 2:55 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Röjås, Maria

14. Det for två vita duvor 4:37 
Composer: Rehnqvist, Karin (1957)
Performer: Willemark, Lena Rosenberg, 
Susanne Gabrielsson, Helena

15. Prästpigans jojk (Friarjojk) 2:10 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Egemyr Ponga, Thomas

16. Läkin koisa kulkemaga 0:45 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Vydrentytär, Katoi

17. Tuuli 5:13 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Hedningarna,

18. O, tysta ensamhet 1:03 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Larsson, Björs Olof

19. O, tysta ensamhet 2:36 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Jonsson, Finn Jonas

20. Du nederslagna själ 2:52 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Degerman, Johannes

21. Ack kärlek är en dröm 1:21 
Composer: Drake, Erik (1788 - 1870)
Performer: Faringer, Solveig Lindgren, Ingrid

21. Ack kärlek är en dröm 1:21 
Composer: Afzelius, A. A
Performer: Faringer, Solveig Lindgren, Ingrid

22. O, tysta ensamhet 1:45 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Faringer, Solveig Lindgren, Ingrid

23. Intermezzo 5:00 
Composer: Rosenberg, Hilding (1892 - 1985)
Performer: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra,
Conductor: Westerberg, Stig

24. Visa från Utanmyra 4:17 
Composer: Traditional,
Performer: Domnérus, Arne Broberg, 
Bosse Åberg, Lennart Hallberg, 
Bengt (1932) Gustafsson, Rune Riedel, 
Georg (1934) Johansen, Egil

25. Fragments of a folk song (1981) 5:10 
Composer: Morthenson, Jan W (1940)
Performer: Morthenson, Jan W (1940)

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