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Folk Music in Sweden Series
Unique recordings of Swedish folk music which present the country's musical heritage in all its breadth and richness. This series is of high value both the those with a professional interest as well as listeners just searching for the roots of the Swedish folk movement. English notes are included. See a listing of the entire series

Volume 19
Blood, Corpses and Tears / Blod, lik & tårar (Chapbook Songs)

Chapbook songs and ballads (skillingtryck) tell tales of unhappy love and sudden death, crimes and passion, horrid mishaps, and all manner of other misfortunes. In Sweden their texts have been distributed by such small booklets since the 16th century and did not disapear completely until the 1930s. Skillingtryck produced, in effect, the mass media information and popular songs of the past; and pedlars and hawkers, selling ballads, dispersed news of the sinking of the Titanic, the murder of Abraham Lincoln, and the latest royal love affair, rather than the newspaper placard. Listen to the Ballad of Elvira Madigan, the Säivis Mail Robbery, the Lagerlunda Train Disaster and many others - all recorded by the Swedish Centre for Folk Song and Folk Music Research (Svenskt visarliv) in the homes of those who themselves had learnt the songs from older relatives and carried the tradition on.

Track Listings
1 I Västergyllan där står ett slott
2 Klagovisa över tvenne unga skolpojkar
3 Sinclairvisan
4 Med sorgsen ton jag sjunga vill
5 Lilla vackra Anna om du vill
6 Lloyd-visan
7 Vid foten av alpen
8 Förgäves uppå stigen (Lantflickans klagan)
9 Lincolnvisan
10 Järnvägsolyckan vid Lagerlunda
11 Den blomsterprydda gondolen gled (Älvsborgsvisan)
12 Elvira Madigan
13 Hon satt på klippan av den öde stranden
14 I året artonhundra ja det var nittiotre (Alfred och Alfhilda)
15 Det doftar av blommor i sommarklädd skog
16 Postrånet i Säivis
17 Visa om Titanics undergång

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