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Folk Music in Sweden Series
Unique recordings of Swedish folk music which present the country's musical heritage in all its breadth and richness. This series is of high value both the those with a professional interest as well as listeners just searching for the roots of the Swedish folk movement. English notes are included. See a listing of the entire series

Volume 15
Songs of Sailors and Navvies

Performers: Käck, Axel / Ahlstedt, Herman J / Hedberg, John Bernhard / Jöngren, Gösta / Andersson, Erik

When far from home and their loved ones, sailors and navvies wrote many songs. These songs could be about lasses and cheery workgangs - but also about inhuman conditions, long journeys and longing for home. Many of the songs were used to keep a common rhythm when working in a team. These songs tell of sea journeys and railwaybuildings, of love and broken promises and of Georg Sjöman (George Sailor) whose comrades ate him up. Most are written by sailors and navvies, some by others who - more or less accurately - tell of their legendary ways of life. The recordings were made in the homes of elderly sailors and navvies - or other bearers of the tradition - in the 1960's and 1970's.

Track Listings

1 Jag som så mången andra på havet segla må
2 Sex år det har förflutit sen vi skådade vårt land
3 Yankee ship came down the river
4 There was once a shipper
5 Det gingo tre flickor
6 Adjö farväl för sista gång
7 Min man han var en sjöman
8 Och Georg Sjöman tar ömt i famnen
9 Kom gossar ska ni få höra
10 Jag är en skärgårdsflicka
11 Spel upp I musikanter, för sjömansgossar raskt det går
12 På sjöstranden där hissades ett ankare
13 En rallare, en rallare från södra Sverige kom (Skön Cecilia)
14 Vi reste ifrån Virbo (Ofotenvisan)
15 Uti en mörk och dyster kväll (Visa från Riksgränsbanan)
16 Hå ni klämmer vi å hej (baxarvisa)
17 Hå bax, hej bax (baxarvisa), ...Tänt var det här...
18 Här går ettan (pålarvisa)
19 I Gällivara trakter (Gällivaravisan)
20 En visa vill jag sjunga om en olycka svår (En rallares begravning)
21 Kamrater, kommer an
22 Jag är födder i en hydda invid Lannevaara fjäll
23 Upp kamrater alla
24 Längs Ångermanälven

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