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Folk Music in Sweden Series
Unique recordings of Swedish folk music which present the country's musical heritage in all its breadth and richness. This series is of high value both the those with a professional interest as well as listeners just searching for the roots of the Swedish folk movement. English notes are included. See a listing of the entire series

Volume 13
Nordic Folk Instruments

Performer: Rysstad, Åni / Arfs, Erik / Jonsson, Elias / Jacobsen, Hans Fredrik / Bäckström, Magnus

The traditional folk music of our time has its roots in an equally traditional farming society, where it was a daily, self-evident component of all the different situations of life. Some of these folk instruments have remained unchanged throughout the centuries - above all the lur (a horn made of wood, covered with birch bark) and the horn - while dance instruments have varied with changes in fashion. A number of older instruments which have been totally out of use for decades have, during recent years, achieved a renaissance in folk music, but non-Nordic instruments, like the mandola, have also started to be used. New constellations of instruments and song, in which both the voice and the drone playing are prominent, have become common. Frifot and Garmarna are just two examples of folk music groups where old folk instruments and ways of singing are used in new forms.

Track Listings

1 "Fillevaern", gangar
2 Vismelodi "Det var en afton"
3 Polska
4 Polska efter Marius Nyströen, Vingelen
5 Polska efter Timas Hans, Ore "Många flickor dom är klara som en sol"
6 "Den misfornöyde ektemann", springer efter Knut Nirison Juveli, Flesberg
7 Itämeren sävel
8 a) Kalevalamelodi b) Konevitsas kyrkklockor (upptecknad improvisation)
9 "Måndan og tysdan sat kjerringi og spann", halling
10 "Jesu låt mig städse börja"
11 Lurlåt
12 Vallåt efter Modern
13 "Klippan Kristus ett fäste är"
14 "Tvenne nordiska hjältar"
15 Polska efter Höök Olle
16 Polska från mellersta Österbotten
17 Kvitbergjen, springleik
18 Jysk fynsk
19 Jon Vaestafes, springar
20 Vals efter Ored Andersson, Linderöd
21 Uttringegubbarnas marsch
22 Polska efter August Bohlin, Harbo
23 Nyykytys, dansmelodi efter Feodor Pratsu, Karelen
24 Polska efter Erik Eng, åmot
25 Polka från Eura
26 Vals
27 Vestenom
28 Arvon alotus (Arvos början)
29 Tu Tur
30 Jässposspolska från Boda

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