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Silvio Peron and Gabriele Ferrero

Ballo delle Valli Occitane d'Italia

Felmay / Dunya, $17.99
Item Number: rd-occitane


Traditional folk tunes from various parts of the Occitane valley of Italy, performed in duets by fiddler Ferrero and accordionist Peron, accompanied on three tracks by ghironda, clarinet and another violin.

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Transsylvanians : Live in Berlin
Hungarian speedfolk' recorded live in concert…. Utter madness from the Hungarian folk-rockers

Khaled : Ya-Rayi
The acknowledged 'master of rai' returns to his roots in Oran for this 2004 release, produced by Philippe Edel. This limited edition includes a bonus DVD (30 minutes program) which includes videos of 3 songs (one live performance) plus interviews and photographs

Faudel : Another Sun
Rai crossover master Faudel's 2003 release

various : Mali: The Bambara Music of Baninko
Recordings from the Musee d'ethnographie in Geneva's 'Archives internationales de musiques populaire' series. Special order - allow 3 weeks for shipment. See the complete series.

Various Artists : Danco Dievis (Latvian Dances Vol 2)
...riveted my attention. The lead cut Perkonitis, by the Dancu Muzikas Grupa, sets the mood. That group—along with Dziga, Laimas muzykanti, and Dandari—showcases a youthful vitality that makes clear these folks like to dance. Suseklis and Vezu Dancis follow, each with its own degree of wild abandon. Slower, reel/waltz-like songs vary the pacing, and a variety of instrumentation is presented. A few cuts seem Germanic (e.g. Saimniekdeli), yet all are traditional, with influences that have accumulated over the centuries. - Dick Dorsett, RootsWorld

various Faroese Artsists : Kingosangur
This is a documentary recording of traditional unaccompanied religious vocal music of the Faroe Islands. Some of the songs date at least as far back as the 17th century.

Ben Canar : Nedudai
Ben-Canar lives in the ancient city of Safed, the cradle of Cabala, on the Israeli-Syrian border. However, he can trace both Polish and Russian elements through his ancestry.

Tuscae Gentes : Viva Faliero!
Songs, sounds, stories around Val di Bisenzio and Tuscany, an homage to Val di Bisenzio and its poets, leading us in unexplored territories of folk songs.

Valeriu Cascaval : Cymbalum De Moldavie
Moldavian cimbalom

Folk Music in Sweden series, volume 9-10 : Three Traditional Folk Singers (2 CDs)
72 songs recorded by Swedish radio between 1952 and 1963, including jocular ballads, pastoral songs, love songs, drinking tunes, religious songs and songs of the sea. Sung by Lena Larsson (Gullo, Bohuslan), Ulrika Lindholm (Jamtland) and Svea Jansson.

Various : Music from Uganda 2
Presenting the new music, in which the traditional forms have been developed and popularised. The rhythm here is the centre of a band of about fifteen thumb pianos, a one-man band or a genuine party band playing dance music on modernized harps. Recordings made by Swedish national radio.

Gunnell Mauritzson : Silhuette
The music of Lars Gullen

Eliseo Parra : Viva quien sabe querer
(Long Live He Who Knows How to Love), the latest recording by Spain's Eliseo Parra, is a sterling example of both successful contemporary presentation of traditional themes and the masterful use of diverse recording techniques.' - RootsWorld

Idrissa Diop : Yakar
Diop marries the jam-happy flights of Funk fancy with the incisive virtuosity of Latin ensembles, with an urban French/African flavor. It's jubilant and full of surprises; ambitious, self-assured Afropop.

Various Greek artists : folk music of Greece (Topic 907)

Great Big Sea : Courage and Patience and Grit
A live concert recording on 2 discs, one CD and one DVD, including traditional and original tracks such as "Captain Kidd," "Sea of No Cares," "Scolding Wife," "Jack Hinks," and more. The DVD features an additional four music videos, including a rare clip of a song they recorded with The Chieftains, "Lukey."

Bala Et Ses Balladins : Objectif Perfection

Criolo : Nó Na Orelha
"possibly the most important figure on the Brazilian pop scene" says Caetano Veloso. Not exactly small praise from an obscure source. The child of migrants from the North East of Brazil to the commercial hub of Săo Paulo, Kleber Gomes, aka Criolo, grew up in Grajaú (Zona Sul), one of the many shanty towns that circle this modern megacity. A mud-floored shack with no running water was the start to Criolo’s life on the flipside of Brazil, a tough urban environment that nevertheless has a sense of community he clearly cherishes. Using music to try to make sense of the city’s crazed reality, Criolo does not claim to speak for everybody, he just wants to channel all that rage and hope and tell it like it is.

Kaira Ben : Singa
Debut disc by a mix of Senegalese and Malian musicians.

Fratelli Mancuso : Cantu
The brothers Mancuso have made a mark in Italy for their unique - sometimes lush, sometimes raw but always artful - interpretations of Sicilian folk music. On Cantu, the composer/singer duo is accompanied by great ensemble including Enrico Rava (trumpet), Luciano Biondini (accordeon), Michele Acolese (guitar), Stefano Bollini (piano) and guest vocalist and narrator GianMaria Testa.

Milladoiro : O Nino do Sol
The 2003 release by one of Spain's most influencial new roots ensembles continues their work of bringing the gaitas, zanfonas, harps, flutes, accordions, strings and percussion of their Galician tradition into the new century with style, grace and a fine ear.

Pjotr Leschenko : 1931-1937: Gloomy Sunday
The charismatic Russian singer Pjotr Leschenko in recordings from 1931 to 1937, the years Leschenko was well on his way to conquering the whole of Europe from his exile in Bucharest. The accent is on tangos, with the focus being the title track, the legendary peaen to despair by Sam M. Lewis.

Pjotr Leschenko : 1931: Gipsy Songs & Other Passions
Leschenko was known as 'the king of the Russian tango' and his singing was passionate and rich. Born in a Russian town south of Odessa in what was to become Romania after the 1st world war, he became an icon throughout eastern Europe, one of the most sought after popular singers of his time. These 1931 recordings are part of the work from what were considered to be from his peak years from the early to mid 1930s.

The Merlin Shepherd Kapelye : Intimate Hopes and Terrors - Tales from the Kishkes
Musician, teacher and interpreter of traditional East European klezmer clarinet is joined by the former Soviet Union Klezmer All Stars or, in his own words, some of the greatest klezmer players in the world today. Klezmer played with such passion, Jewish music directly from the heart, the soul, music from the gut, the kishkes, the very center of the human spirit. Jewish music that comes closer to one of the many ways that it may or probably may not have sounded so long ago.

Fatang : Fatang
Swedish trio plays traditional folk music from the province of Uppland and new compositions. Peter Rousu (electric bass and guitar), Olle Bohm (percussion) and Henrik Eriksson (nyckelharpa - keyed fiddle).

various South African artists : Homeland - A Collection of South African Music
A collection of danceable South African township jive. Most of the tracks are drawn from South African albums that went gold there in the late 1980s. With the Boyoyo Boys, Mzikayifani Buthelezi, Elias Mathebula, Manka Le Phallang & others.

Boris Kovac and Ritual Nova : Ritual Nova 1 and 2
Serbian artist Kovacs describes himself as 'a contemporary naive composer.' This CD compiles his two late 80s LPs; His label calls it 'folk, jazz and minimalism filtered through a post-Eno sensibility, with a spiritual integrity reminiscent of Arvo Part."

Various Artists : LA TARANTELLA DEL GARGANO: Le tradizioni musicali i Puglia - vol. 2
The traditional music of Puglia. Vol 2. - An ample collection of songs for serenata and tarantella in the fascinating melismatic style of the peasant culture of the Gargano, to the sounds of the chitarra battente, chitarra francese, castagnole, & tamburo. There are also pieces from the artisan world (tarantella, quadriglia, valzer fiorato) with mandoline and violin. Recordings from 1980 to 1988.

Melis and Lara : Launeddas
Masters of the Sardinian 'proto-bagpipe' reed instrument called the launeddas

Napoli Mandolin Orchestra : Mandolini All'Opera
This second project by the ensemble from Naples, Italy presents some musical melodrama, reworking the tradition of the Italian plectrum clubs, which, between XIX and XX century, popularized the opera outside the legitimate theater. Her they take on a fantasia from Bellini, Verdi's Traviata, Donizetti's Don Pasquale, Bizet's Carmen and others, all given a romantic yet visceral reinterpretation that is both antique and refreshing.

La Macina : Vene il sabado e vene il venere…
A classic piece of Italian roots music from 1981 is reissued on CD in 2006. This was the first recording by this quartet of strong voices, accompanied by guitar, dulcimer, accordion, tamburello and other small percussion.

Silvio Peron and Gabriele Ferrero : Ballo delle Valli Occitane d'Italia
Traditional folk tunes from various parts of the Occitane valley of Italy, performed in duets by fiddler Ferrero and accordionist Peron, accompanied on three tracks by ghironda, clarinet and another violin.

Filippo Gambetta : Andirivieni
The Italian accordionists 3rd recording exoplores his Ligurian traditions as well as Nordic, Balkan, Celtic, French and classic music with Claudio de Angeli (acoustic guitar) and Riccardo Barbera (bass) and various assembled guests.

Piero Brega : Fuori dal Paradiso
One of the most beautiful voices of Italian popular music, winner of the Ciampi Award in 2005 with his debut record "Come Li Viandanti", is back with his second work, "Fuori dal paradiso", a record of original songs written by Brega and Martire, arranged by Mark Hamlyn and produced in collaboration with the Gianni Bosio Club. The record, twelve tracks, expresses the origins and the relevance of Brega's music, who, since his beginnings in the '70's with the Canzoniere del Lazio, has always loved the contamination of the tradition with the driving force of the rhythmic instruments. Also in "Fuori dal paradiso" music and words flow in a series of tales and colours, moving from waltzes to ethnic suggestions. Brega is in love with Rome and with its dialect, and gives us a well-balanced record in which personal stories mix easily with fantastic tales.

Anders Hagberg : The Herd
Old traditions like herding calls, jojks and overtone flute meet musicians of the 90-s in an unlimited improvised world music. Anders Hagberg is well established in Scandinavia and has toured internationally with other crossover groups such as Mynta, New Jungle Orchestra and Winduo.

Kocani, Fresu, Salis : Kocani Orkestar meets Paolo Fresu and Antonello Salis
This one leaps out to the edge, with the inimitible Balkan brass band joined by two Italian jazz experimenters for a raucous, surprising and completely unexpected set of musical adventures. 60 minures of great music from various live performances during late February and early March of 2004

Asha Bhosle : The Golden Voice of Bollywood
A compilation of 14 film pieces by the great Indian singer singer includes 'Ab to Mile Hai' from the film 'Caravan'; 'Yeh Hai Reshmi Zulfon Ka Andhera' from 'Mere Sanam' and 'Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahani' from 'The Great Gambler.'

Chichimeca : Barbari
A young acoustic band from Sardinia has a lot of attitude and a lot more talent. They are using modern instruments (guitar, accordion, bass, drums, percussion and voices) in a strong display of new Italian roots.

Roland Schiltknecht with Alan Koushan : Tunsch
a handsome, impressionistic album of contemporary music making, intuitively informed by myth and the purity of folklife yet it escapes typing or direct comparison with any similar developments elsewhere in Europe. Quite a find. - Steve Taylor, RootsWorld

Wimme : Cugu

Djanbutu Thiossane : Ass, Mass and Pap
Senegalese trio of singers Ass, Mass and Pap N'Diaye with a small ensemble

various artists : Hardangar Fiddle (Norway)
Traditional music for the hardangar fiddle (hardingfele) from Norway, by performaers young and old inclusing Hĺkon Hřgemo, Lorentz Hop, Synnřve S. Bjřrset, Lars Underdal, Ĺse Teigland.

Knut Buen : Slĺttedikt
Traditional fiddle tunes from Norway by one of the old masters. Recorded in 2012.

Piccola Bottega Baltazar : Poco Tempo,Troppa fame
Subtitled 'Omaggio a Fabrizio de André', this is the first recording by the band from Veneto, Italy. It's a svelte production of songs by the songwriter Fabrizio de André that quotes French chanson, Italian folk, bits of jazz and even a touch of tango, played out by a small ensemble of voice, two accordions, guitar, bass and percussion, with a little trombone and violin added for color.

Piccola Bottega Baltazar : Canzoni in forma di fiore
The 2004 recording by this sophisticated ensemble from Padua, Italy features Marco Toffannin on accordion, Giorgio Gobbo on guitar and vocals, Sergio Marchesini on painao and accordion, Antonio De Zanche, aka 'the Mayor' on double bass player and Massimo Aiello on drums and percussion, with some interesting guest coloration like duduk, saxophone and such. The songs are all original this time around, but they maintain a dream-like quality of time passing and the mellowness of a proper aging.

QQQ : Unpacking The Trailer
QQQ unspools folk music from a place where bluegrass, Norwegian wedding marches, progressive rock, and post-minimalism have merged into a funky, engaging hybrid. Dan Trueman plays the Hardanger fiddle, Monica Mugan is on classical guitar, Beth Meyers on viola and Jason Treuting does the drums and percussion.It is a wild and decidedly non-traditional mix, yet the music still sounds ancient and rooted.

Ingrid Bjone, Dr. Jonas Fjeld, Ola B. Johannesen : Neonlys pa Wergeland
Neon Light on Wergeland' presents the Norwegian poet and nationalist in an unusual musical light.

Jan Eggum : Hjertnuser
Norwegian singer-songwriter is known as "the face of the melancholy" with songs of lovelorn lives, loneliness and sorrow, and occasionally a social critic. Accompanied by a small ensemble of percussion, bass, occasional horns, he can move run from raw to schmaltzy, from pop rock to jazz. (Songs sung in Norwegian)

I Cantori di Carpino : La Tarantella del Gargano
Eugenio Bennato directs the ensemble of battente guitarist and vocalist Sacco Andrea (born in 1911), accompanied by two other elderly singers (Maccarone and Piccininno) and by a group of 5 young people from Carpino (between 13 and 20 years old) who accompany their grandfathers in the unmistakable fantastic style of Carpino.

Morten Harket : Poetenes Evangelium

Carola : I natt blir värden ny - Jul i Betlehem II
The norwegian vocalist presents a second collection of old and new Christmas songs in the Holy Nativity Church in Bethlehem, bringing moods and sounds from the region of the world where Christ was born. Her second visit to the city of David has inspired her to new interpretations of famous Christmas songs, featuring the musical expression of Bethlehem. Carola wonderful voice is complemented by musicians from Norway, Sweden and the Middle East.

Dalakopa et al : Vindens hjul - Gammeldansmesse
Sacred music composed by Henning Sommerro and performed by the ensemble Dalkopa and a chamber group of musicians and singers (1996 release)

Agnes Buen Garnas : Draumkvedet
Agnes Buen Garnĺs sings Norwegian medieval songs accompanied by flute, hardingfele, organ, saxophone and harp. With Harold Gundhus (flute and saxophone) , Knut Buen (hardingfele), Warren Cardstrom (Celtic harp) and Kare Nordstoga (organ).

Kalinka Zgurova : Voice of Strandja
Bulgarian Folk Songs'

Fedor Sándor Dimó / Various Artists : Lost Eden / Elveszett Éden Vol 2
This is the follow up to the phenomenal Lost Eden collection made by Ferenc Kiss and company. These recordings were collected by Gyorgy Martin in the 1950s and 60s and focus on Gypsy dances from the upper Tisza region of Hungary.

Boban Markovic Orkestar : Millennium
the 2000 release by the Balkan brass band king

Besh o droM : Besh o droM
New music from Hungary

Stein Versto : Urjen. Slĺttar Etter Olav Og Eivind Groven
Solo hardingfele (hardangar fiddle) performances of tunes from Olav and Eivind Groven.

Simon and Olle Simonsson, Kjell-Erik Eriksson : Drängkammarlĺtar (Farm-hand Tunes)
The trio plays music that was in fashion among country people in Sweden at the beginning of this century. Simon and Kjell-Erik (of Hoven Droven) play the fiddle as well as Simon's brother Olle, who also ccompanies on zither and guitar. Most of the tunes come from the fiddlers from &Aulvdalen in Dalecarlia and Offerdal in Jamtland.

L'ham de Foc : Canco de dona i home
8 musicians from Valencia, Spain mix traditional ideas with contemporary root/fusion music and include influences from Spain with the Middle East, India, Australia, Greece and North Europe

Yayo Caceres : Exteriors
Argentine composer, accordionist and guitarist really challenges your preconceptions about chamame, tango and other folkloric traditions with a recording that is part roots, part avant art music and always surprising.

various : Lesotho Calling: Lesiba and Sekhankula Music
Producer and field recordist Michael Baird has found the lesiba, an odd but entrancing stringed instrument that is blown like a flute -- still played by cattle herders in southern Africa's mountain kingdom in 2006. These are raw, simple songs, pure folk music in the harshest sense, with no fusion or production.

Ensemble Tierra et al : Misa Criolla
Ricardo Cabrera, Ensemble Tierra and members of the Philharmonic String Octet Berlin present a Latin American interpretation of the Catholic mass

Natasa Mirkovic and Nenad Vasilic : Soulmotion
Unique interpretations of famous Yugoslavian pop/rock classics from ’70s and ’80s, featuring solo voice and double bass by Bosnian singer Natas Mirkovic´ and Serbian bassist Nenad Vasilic.

Black Market Tune : Drifters and Vagabonds

various : En Hildringstime (a tribute to Erik Bye)
A group of Norway's foremost pop artists got together in 2004 on a Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation studio to pay tribute to Erik Bye who had recently passed away. Here the concert is finally released on CD, and on "En Hildringstime" (Magic Twilight) we include a rare gem, the bonus track "Drom" (Dream), the last song recorded by Erik Bye before he died, and which is a key part of the movie about him ż "Giganten" (The Giant).

Ole Paus : Sanger Fra Et Hvitmalt Gjerde I Sjelen
Norwegian contemporary songs. Ole Paus' lyrics tell stories of seduction, vanity, indifference and intimacy, with an ironic twist and a serious tone. The listener might think of the songs as preludes in a minor key to the inevitability and perhaps necessity of a doomsday. Then again, one may also regard them as entertaining or poetically innocuous small sketches of life. From this unique duality comes the power to move the soul, hence the working title's metamorphosis into "Songs from the whitewashed fence of the soul", opening for a much broader and richer interpretation of the songs. 2005 release

various artists : Passing With The Time
Popular Bulgarian folk songs may have familiar tunes to fans of the various choirs and large ensembles so popular in the last few decades, but here they go 'back to the roots' using solo voice or instrument, or duets of one voice and one instrument. The program by Milen Slavov, who is composer, music producer, accordionist and who has been living in the USA since 1997. The CD also includes performances by singer Zhivka Papancheva, the gaida player Petyo Kostadinov, kaval player Lyuben Dossev, and Teodor Dimitrov on gudulka .

La Moresca : Senza Cchui terra

La Rionda : Incantatrice (ES5313)
A new album for this ensemble, which is the best known and full of history in Liguria traditional music revival. A large band with great voices (Laura Parodi and Max Manfredi) and appreciated musicians. The arrangements are the result of a particular work lasted more than 4 yearsand they are really able to let you taste Liguria and its sea traditions. Bravos! of Trad Mag during summer 2001.

Hans Fredrik Jacobsen : Vind (Wind)
Norwegian flute sax and kantele player and his ensemble alternate between jaunty folk tunes and electro-expermiments, always centered on the 'wind' of the title in Norwegian folk tunes, Celtic and new age inspirations and some downright southern American feel on a few tracks. Instuments include guitar, percussion, bagpipes, nyckleharpa, harp and synths provided by Annbjorg Lien, Knut Reiersrud, Tome Hulbaekmo and Frode Fjellheim.

Giangilberto Monti : La belle epoque della Banda Bonnot
Twenty songs by Boris Vian, most of them unpublished, adapted in Italian and performed by this renowned Milanese song-writer and singer. The aim is to re-propose the story of the French anarchical outlaw Jules Bonnot. and this double CD follows the steps of the radio play written by Monti himself, produced by the Swiss Italian Radio. It was the winner of the Prix Suisse 2004 from Swiss national radio, in the fiction section.

E.Y.F.O. (European Youth Folk Orchestra) : ETFO
Mediterranean music comes to its highest level in this debut album for a virtuous player of friscaletto, a particular kind of flute typical of the Sicilian tradition. Guitars and percussion provide the arrangements of this hot CD, giving more than passing attention to an Arabian sound.

Le Vija : La cadrega fioria (ES5309
Some of the best musicians of Piedmontese traditional music play together in Le Vijà: it was the Regional Administration of Piedmont who commissioned the creation of this band from Turin's FolkClub and EthnoSuoni. The group joins experienced musicians and young, clever ones. The repertoire gives an example of the various kinds, styles, cultures and languages of a Region rich in musical traditions. Basically acoustic, Le Vijà's sound includes modern interpretation of the traditional repertoire, both for the refined use of instruments and the sophisticated arrangements.

Suriscot Trio : Phases
Take the traditional tunes with hurdy-gurdy, fiddle and two-rows melodion, add the keyboards and mix it up with a large does of improvisation. This is a trio whose sound can show the way for the tomorrow's European folk music. These young musicians embrace technology and make new routes.

Carmelo Salemi : Hybla (ES5320)
The Mediterranean music comes to its highest level in this debut album for a virtuous player of friscaletto, a particular kind of flute typical of the sicilian tradition. Guitars and many percussions provide the arrangements of this hot CD, giving more than an eye to the Arabian sound. Listen!

Various Artists : Tulikulkku
The experimental side of the Finnish new folk movement is exemplified in these tracks by Tuulenkantajat, Hedningarna, Niekku, Pirnales, Martti Pokela, Pohjantahti with Wimme Saari, Me Naiset, Etnopojat, Primo

Geoff Muldaur : Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
The great and often quirky jazz-blues singer and guitarist in a live performancein Bremen, Germany. Muldaur’s new interpretations of mostly classic blues, folk, jazz and gospel material reach a rare kind of intensity and depth. Both of his duo albums with ex-wife Maria are considered certified roots music classics and his name is inseparable from the history of the American folk and blues revival, but rarely has Geoff Muldaur sounded better than on this particular album. It’s a remarkable comeback after an 18-year-absence from the music business by a wonderful artist delivering acoustic roots music built to last.

Dino Saluzzi, Jon Christensen : Senderos
The Argentine bandoneon master and the Norwegian percussionist join forces in a striking series of duets.

Gianluigi Trovesi Ottetto : Fugace
Released in August, 2003: The Italian reed man in an all-Italian octet that celebrates the spirit of early jazz in a thoroughly contemporary context.

Yggdrasil : Duologues
Faroese composer Kristian Blak creates new works with the Danish painter Anders Hjuler. They imagine "duologues' between ancient and modern figures from philosophy and literature (Beatrice and Dante; Munch and Nietzsche; Mandela and Dalia Lama, Lao Tse and Confucius) performed by the reknowned Nordic ensemble Yggdrasil.

Banda de Armada Portuguesa : Antologia do Centenario 1903-2003
The Portuguese Navy Band is presented in a series of songs dating back to the earliest days of recorded music and coming right up to 2003. Brass bands and vocal groups in true navy band styles and a few surprises.

Tapia eta Leturia : Ero

La Talvera : Pňble Mon Pňble
2003 release by the noteable Occitania roots ensemble received the 'Choc de la musique' award from Bravo Trad Magazine

Otto Lechner and Anne Bennent : gwundrig
Art songs for theater works by Robert Walser performed by vocalist Anne Bennett and accordionist Otto Lechner.

Jouko Kyhala : Saalas
Harmonica master Jouko Kyhälä (of Svang) is joined by Piia Kleemola (violin), Pekka Lehti (bass), Janne Lappalainen from Varttina (bouzoki) and Abdissa Assefa (percussion) for a wide ranging musical tour.

Niou Bardophones : Sages Comme des Fous
Van Morrison once said, “the bagpipe is the only instrument that can threaten the electric guitar” and that point is made clearly obvious, once again, with the Niou Bardophones’ latest opus of improvised traditional music, the fruit of an unlikely match between the rhythms of Central Brittany and the free jazz style of Albert Ayler (who also played bagpipes)! Featured Artists: Erwan Keravec: bagpipe; Guénolé Keravec: bombards; Ronan Le Gouriérec: baritone sax; Jean-Marie Nivaigne: drums

Grencsó Open Collective : Flat/Sikvedek
István Grencsó, the dominant figure of the Hungarian avant jazz scene, is in prime form with his two-generation quartet on this new album. Original compositions and arrangements, and one traditional song reimagined as jazz. Featured Artists: István Grencsó: tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute; Máté Pozsár: piano; Róbert Benkó: double bass and Szilveszter Miklós: drums, percussion.

Sväng : Schladtzshe
The Finnish harmonica quartet strikes again. "Schladtzshe!" is both a swear and a toast. The band explains it: "Brothers! Let us make our mistakes with pride, for life otherwise is a mere collection of irrational occurrences. Let us empty our abundant, if sometimes bitter, drink with joy!" You'll just have to listen.

Alamaailman Vasarat : Vasaraasia
The Hammers of the Underworld have been called Ethnic brass punk and kosher-kebab jazz. With pump organs, a horn section, drums and cello for a rhythm section, and a WHOLE lot of attitude, this band presents a unique, modern vision.

Nguyen Le : Homescape
With Paolo Fresu: trumpet, flugelhorn; Dhafer Youssef: oud, vocals. French-Vietnamese jazz musician Nguyęn Lę stands out as a unique explorer of sound. Homescape is based upon improvised duos with either Italian trumpeter Paolo Fresu or oud player and vocalist Dhafer Youssef. Lę’s postproduction then crafts these performances into a piquant series of moving and thrilling world-jazz tracks.

Lang Linken : Knorifas
Lang Linken is one of the most experienced Danish folk music bands. In the early 70s. The young Lang Linken started as a band, which learned from the old traditional fiddlers, musicians and female singers and still today Lang Linken stand as one of the links between young musicians and the original traditional Danish folk music.

Balogh Kálmán and Gipsy Cimbalom Band : Aroma
2003 release by Hungary's best known player of the hammer-dulcimer (cimbalom), accompanied by a stellar group of musicians on guitar, bass, violins, horns, derbouka and vocals. Stellar, as always.

Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng : Afrijazz
Afrijazz is percussionist Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng's shout-out to the inspirational spirits of Monk, Randy Weston, Max Roach, Anthony Braxton, Chief Bey and a host of kindred others. Kwaku brings together the sounds of his native land with African-Brazilian, Jamaican and African American strains, in an imaginative recording whose genius reveals its embedded subtleties only gradually.' - RootsWorld

Fred Ho : Once upon a time in Chinese America

Fernhill : Llatai

various artists : Stilling Time: Traditional musics of Vietnam
American musician Philip Blackburn travelled to Vietnam in late 1993 to record the village music of the nation and came home with a remarkable portrait of a culture both deeply reverential of the past and yet still dynamic and growing.

Habib Koité and Bamada : Muso Ko
Reissue of the great 1990s classic from the Malian guitarist: 'Guitarist Habib Koite is from Mali, but this rising star represents the contemporary sound of African pop. His first album, which is now being re-released here, is mostly made up of upbeat songs that electrify a variety of regional styles. The accompanying translated lyrics show Koite to be a songwriter that takes on weightier subjects than the usual vacuous party fare. The songs don't translate easily, resembling fables at times, but there is no mistaking the message of his hit, "Cigarette A Bana (The Cigarette is Finished)." Koite's brisk, breezy songs layer call-and-response singing over a seamless mix of African percussion and Western instruments. His academic training shows up most notably in his sophisticated arrangements, which continually change textures, keeping his songs as appealing to the head as the feet.' - Marty Lipp, RootsWorld

Salem Tradition : Fanm
Music from the island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean by singer Christine Salem and her ensemble. Once consider music of slaves, linked to Africa and voodoo tradition, maloya music was considered 'low brow' and given little public support. In recent years there has been a revival, led by Daniel Waro, and a number of younger performers have come forward. The maloya rhythm is beaten out on indigenous drums - the rouler, piker and bob, with Salem's voice (supported by two other female singers) soaring over the rhythms of the band.

Trio Ifriqiya : Petite planete
Fayçal El Mezouar was trained at the music school El Kordobia in Tlemcen, Algeria. For this trio, he has gathered around him jazz pianist and improviser Didier Fréboeuf and drummer Emile Biayenda, founder of the band Les Tambours de Brazza. Their music blends many styles including Arab-Andalous, traditional, jazz and contemporary. It highlights a kind of common musical language where elements from the Orient, Africa and Europe cross paths.

Hassan Erraji : Awal Mara
It's been a long time since I have heard anything from Erraji, so it's a pleasure to har this new recording of this self described "part oud-flailing Hendrix, part transmitter of ancient culture." The Moroccan multi-instrumentalist knows north African folk styles and western classical violin and piano and totally understands jazz, and it all comes together again with the rythm section of Ben Stevens and Kenny Higgins and Erraji on Arabic lute, ney flute, qanun, violin, keyboards, voice and hand drums with additional vocals by his daughter.

Pete Morton : Flying an Unknown Flag
2005 recording of Pete's own materia. Pete's vocal and guitar are joined by Roger Wilson (fiddle, guitar, mandolin), Neil Segrott (bass) and Chris Parkinson (accordion, harmonica).

Peters and Tyrall : Clear the Road
Their record company says (and we would agreee): Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrall perform traditional music with vibrancy and virtuosity....Brian is a leading English exponent of the melodeon and anglo-concertina, with an innovative approach to styles ranging from dance music to rock'n'roll, and a reputation that has earned him bookings at squeezebox festivals from Holland to Quebec; he can also turn his hand to guitar. Gordon is the duo's main guitarist, a brilliant and original player who stands comparison with the greatest singer/guitarists of the folk scene, and is also a fine flute player equally at home with Irish reels or old English dance music...

Antonello Paliotti : Musica Obliqua
As the artist writes, this is "a record that presents the peaceful (and sometimes less peaceful) coexistence of my musical thoughts about ballet, cinema or simply about dreams." Performed by the Orchestra Collegium Philarmonicum directed by Gennaro Cappabianca.

Rocky Roads, Long Dog & The Umbrella Bear Brothers : Routes
Three different Danish bands experimenting with genres

Oller and Company : Mondeolino

Xavier Grall : Chante par Dan Ar Braz

Nohavica, Kocko, Putzlacher, Lipus : T?šínské Niebo / Cieszy?skie Nebe
A Czech ensemble with singer Jaromír Nohavica, poet Renata Putzlacher, musician Tomáš Kočko and director Radovan Lipus – artists who have a close relationship to Tešínské Slezsko region of the Czech Republic - stage a performance with with the actors of Czech and Polish Tešínský Theatre based on the songs of Jaromír Nohavica. Accompanied by a small theater orchestra (piano, accordion, guitar, reeds and strings)

Dazkarieh : Incognita Alquimia
The 2006 release from the Portuguese world music ensemble.

Various : Congotronics Vol 2 (CD/DVD - PAL format)
Hot on the heels of the remarkable Congotronics 1 is a fresh selection of even more amazing sounds, courtesy of no less than seven electro-traditional bands from Kinshasa, all especially recorded and produced for this set and featuring Sobanza Mimanisa, Kasai Allstars, Kisanzi Congo, Masanka Sankayi, Bolia We Ndenge, Basokin, Konono N°1 and Tulu. Complete CD and video perforrmances on DVD (video disc is PAL format). Aptly subtitled 'Buzz'n'Rumble from the Urb'n'Jungle.' If you loved Konono No. 1, you will be equally enthralled by these other bands. See also: Congotronics 1

various : I Passiuna tu Christu'
Canto di questua pasquale della Grecia Salentina' (The Passion of Christ: Easter Songs of the Greek-Speaking Region of Salento) offers a long musical play (bruscello) about the passion of Christ, performed more or less as it would be on the streets of Salento, in the griko tradition of the region. The 76 page booklet includes commentary in Italian and English; lyrics in dialect, Italian and English; and musical transcription. 23 minutes.

Tom Ellis : Southern Exposure

Nelson Angelo : Caterete
Composer, musican and singer Nelson Angelo is joined by many of Brazil's most wanted musicians including Edison Machado, Dom um Romăo, Novelli and many others. With his deep knowledge of Brazilian harmonies and his unique way of arranging and performing, this makes for a highly interesting release.

Karen Mose : Vingefang
Mose (a member of the Danish roots-rock band Phonix) offers both new and traditional songs on this fine contemporary folk recrding. Chris Nickson writes in his DanskMusic blog, "there's ample imagination going on here and some absolutely stellar performances, not least from Mose herself… Mose's voice [is] a superbly sensitive instrument... [songs that] have a lush, floating quality." For me, I find it genre bending at its best.

Mateja Gorjup : IJEKARU
This completely unique Slovenian vocalist and composer presents original and traditional songs with minimalist accompaniment on small instruments and simple electronics. It's impossible to describe, so best that you simply listen.

Rudiger Carl and Sven-Ake Johansson : Djungelmusik med sĺng
Swedish experimentalists Rüdiger Carl (accordion, clarinet) and Sven-Ĺke Johansson (accordion, drums and voice) push the limits on this 1997 recording, made live in a Stockholm bookstore. Their free-association approach to music makes this challenging for those in need of a countable beat, but the mood is elegant, bizarre or beautiful at each turn and the results are nothing short of unique.

Marta Topferova : La Marea
Born in Prague, steeped in both European and Latin American musical traditions, Topferova now lives in New York, where she has forged a strongly European, Latin nuevo-jazz sound. This recording, all sung in Spanish, offers her original sound, and original songs, backed by an ensemble focused around her voice and Edmar Castańeda's South American folk harp, joined by violinist Jenny Scheinman, French horn from Chris Comer, Angus Martin's accordion, flutist Yulia Musayelyan, percussionists Neil Ochoa, Urbano Sanchez and Chris Eddleton and Topferova's own cuatro and guiro.

Kvarts, Opheim, Myhren and Mistereggen : Skal, skal ikkeje
Music for a Norwegian folk-theater production by the ensemble Kvarts plusBerit Opheim, Řyonn Groven Myhren, Birger Mistereggen.

Hoven Droven : Turbo
The 2004 release by the band that most epitomizes Swedish roots-rock.

Tumult : Wallegnav
A creative mix of curious, melodies, colourful harmonies, heavy, sweating rhythms, and inspiration from various musi-cal styles is how they define new Danish folk music. Tumult consists of four experienced musicians from Odense with each an individual musical background and experience; a hardcore folk-fiddler and singer, a popular rock guitarist, a hardcore retro bass player and a groovy rock drummer. It is the meeting of musicians with each their musical culture and background that gives rise to new possibilities and adventures. Prejudices are being reduced and the limits for what you can do with the music become fluid. Most of the group's repertoire are new compositions, but it also includes traditional material:, songs, ballads and tunes from Denmark, which are treated affection-ately in new interesting arrangements. Tumult started spreading in Odense in the autumn of1999 - we are looking forward to the release of their debut-cd in 2001.

Jřrgen Dickmeiss, fiddle, vocal, bodhran / Thomas Kristofferse


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