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African Jazz Pioneers
African Jazz Pioneers (BMG-Camden)

A who's-who of African jazz-roots greats, including Stompie Manana, Jasper Cook, Bheki Buthelezi, Sam Tshabangu, Albert Khumalo and on and on. It's been called African-jazz, Soweto-soul and a dozen other hyphen-hyphens, but it is unique music unto itself, that could only have happened in South Africa in the 1980s, and this 1989 recording features some of the best session players out there. Listen:
Nonto sangoma
Yeka yeka

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"...The Pioneers, more than four decades old in one form or another, have breached almost insuperable racial barricades to entertain audiences all over the world with their energetic brand of “township music,” calling to mind a more contemporary version of America's venerable Preservation Hall Jazz Band. I am unable to affirm that this album represents “the best” of what the ensemble has to offer, but can say that it is overflowing with bright, good-natured music that is a pleasure to hear." - Jack Bowers,


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