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cd cover Kala Jula
Mande Kulu (Djinn Djow / Buda)
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Kala Jula is a quartet with Samba Diabaté on guitar and ngoni, Vincent Zanetti on guiatar, harp-luth and percussion, Hélène Labarrière on bass, Jacky Molard on violin and alto. While the music is deeply endebted to the Mande tradition of Mali, this global quartet finds new ways to reach its spirit.


"berceuse pour atesh"

"dans masa wulani"

"ka gonbori"

"mande kulu"

"sadio pan na"

More info:
"Mande Kulu" is latest chapter of thei musical ventures of Samba Diabaté and Vincent Zanetti, joined by two French musicians, major figures in European jazz and world music, the violinist Jacky Molard and bassist Hélène Labarrière.

All the songs are original compositions by Vincent Zanetti and Samba Diabate, with the exception of, " Bamanan Deli " a version of a song composed by Vincent Zanetti and the late Soungalo Coulibaly, the djembe drum genius who left us too soon in 2004.

A brilliant ambassador of the griot musical tradition of Mali, Samba Diabate is one of Bamako's most highly-esteemed guitarists. His playing stands apart as much for its rhythmic richness as it does for its luminous sense of melody. From Toumani Diabaté to Cheick Ti- diane Seck, the most prestigious contemporary ambassadors of Mandinka music call on him. Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, journalist and ethnomusicologist, specialist in West African musical traditions and dance accompaniment, Vincent Zanetti is one of the few white masters of the djembe drum and Mandinka rhythms. A major figure in the world music scene in Switzerland, he is also a donso , a member of the venerable and ancient initiatory brotherhood of hunters from the Mandé in Mali. In Kala Jula, he is the voice carrier, storyteller or griot depending on the different contexts. Constantly moving between West Africa and Europe, the two artists created Kala Jula in 2011. Essentially instrumental and acoustic, their music is deeply rooted in both the Mandinka tradition, blues and jazz. "Mande Kulu" opens up a new chapter in Kala Jula's musical development.

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