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cd cover Eliseo Parra
Viva quien sabe querer

MP3 excerpts:
Fulgida luna
El brillante

Press info:
cd cover Eliseo Parra is one of the great musician of Spain, able to pick up the best of our tradition to then re-read it and add with his talent a surprising modernity. That is why it is of great satisfaction for BOA to present 'Viva quien sabe querer' (long live he who knows how to love), the new awaited record by Eliseo Parra fruit of three years of investigation and concerts with his musicians, with whom he has modelled and polished the songs in the record until they had the shape they have now been recorded in.

Eliseo Parra has spent a great part of his life investigating the folklore and tradition of all the cultures that have made up the Iberian Peninsula and, especially, all those that with time were lost and that in some cases are only in the hands of a few. Eliseo has recorded and preserved musical manifestations that, unfortunately, do not exist anymore. A cultural gift that is slowly disappearing and that thanks to work like his can be preserved and perpetuated.

Few people can say they have recorded songs in our four official languages (Castilian, Catalan, Galician and Basque). If we analyse his previous work together with the one we are now considering, 'Viva quien sabe querer', we realise that there is hardly a Spanish region left to which Eliseo has not been to record, enrich and update some of its most traditional melodies.

But, going even further than this work of investigation, Eliseo Parra shows us that traditional music is not, in any way, at odds with modernity, that it doesn't only belong to the past, and that it can be attractive and of great interest to new generations. This could already be seen in his previous record, 'Tribus Hispanas' (1998), and now he once again proves it with this new record.

'Viva quien sabe querer' is a record in which melodies are happy, fresh and especially modern, revisited by the talent and sensitiveness of a man of our times. If by world music we understand the creation of new musical forms through the mixing of folkloric music with contemporary elements, Eliseo's music can without doubt be defined as such: 11 pieces inspired on our cultural heritage and an absolutely contemporary sound with its arrangement, musical treatment and percussion.

Produced by Juan Alberto Arteche and Eliseo Parra himself, 'Viva quien sabe querer' is an excellent collection of songs treated with the incredible vision of a man that illustrates like no other the the notable rhythmic and melodic variety of our culture: the polka, the habanera, the ajechao rhythm, the corrido, the canción de andar o camiño or the romance are some of the tunes we can find on this record.

But as well as Arteche, also the producer of his last record, Eliseo is accompanied by a long list of musicians and friends in this new adventure, to whom this record is dedicated: Eduardo Laguillo, Peter Oteo, Josete Ordóñez, Xavi Lozano and Pablo Martín are the musicians who usually accompany him and that have participated in a more active way in the recording, but it is also a tribute to other such special friends and collaborators like Dimitris Psonis, Javier Paxariño, Cármen Terrón, Cárlos Beceiro, Alfredo Valero, Cármen París, Werner Glaser, Rafael Jiménez "El Falo" and the group Tactequete.

In 'Viva quien sabe querer' we looked for the warmth and emotion of live recordings compared to the common colder sound of a recording by tracks. So, the songs "Fúlgida luna", "El Brillante" and "Baile Sanabrés", were recorded live in the Piano Bar of Villalba (Madrid) with the percussion group Tactequete. "L'havanera" and "Porqué non hei de cantare", were recorded in a studio, all playing at the same time, although later some instruments were added. The rest were recorded in the habitual way, that is to say, track by track or instrument by instrument.

So, we would like to invite you to listen 'Viva quien sabe querer': a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, echoes of the past and a contemporary sound. To sum up, a musical jewel by one of our greatest and most reputed artists.

01. Fúlgida Luna
02. El Reloj De Valdetorres
03. El Brillante
04. Por Que Non Hei Cantare
05. Ruiloba
06. La Cigüeña
07. Señor Platero l MP3
08. Noche Triste
09. Baile Sanabrés
10. L'havanera
11. El Pino

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