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Os Diplomaticos

Fans of Manu Chao, La Lionetta, Luigi Cinque and Mano Negra are all going to find kindred spirits in this Spanish rock&roots band, with their ska-ish delivery, their wry attitude, their great musicianship and great, driving rhythm section.

Cabo Verde sabi
quero ver

The band is:
MANOLO MASEDA (vocals, accordion and saxophone) TONI SIMÔES (bass guitar) RÓMULO SANJURJO (accordion and guitars), GUNI (guitars and viola) LOLA DE RIBEIRA (vocals, Galician pipes and percussion) XABIER ALONSO (drums)

fRoots says:
In the UK we've formed the impression that Spain is suddenly hopping with many forms of lively, inventive roots talent, deluged as we are by releases from the likes of Ojos de Brujo, Macaco and Dusminguet, not to mention the great stuff straight out of the regional folk revivals (including this issue's cover stars, of course). It turns out that lots of the spikier end of it has been there under our noses all the time, either simply not reaching these shores or perhaps vanished under piles of flamenco and the stuff the Iberian-leaning branch of the world music police considered to be 'serious' Spanish music.

Indeed, Os Diplomaticos have been going since 1989, getting mixed up quite early on with Mano Negra and subsequently Manu Chao. Put them in a bracket that runs from those names to Madness - accordeons, brass, punky ska rhythms, catchy upbeat rootsy songs, and on this album guest appearances from Susana Seivane's gaitas, Uxia's vocals, African female vocal group Batuko Tabanka, members of Berrogüetto and many more. In other words, right up our noisy street, eh fRoots campers? Highly recommended. - Ian Anderson

The bands says, in theior official bio:
This new project comes three years after the release of CAPETÓN, making them one of the longest-standing bands on the Galician-language Rock scene. With the experience of fourteen year’s of powerful grooves behind them, the band’s newest members MANOLO MASEDA (vocals, accordion and saxophone) and TONI SIMÔES (bass guitar) bring a fresh, new sound to this group, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the original line-up, made up by: RÓMULO SANJURJO (accordion and guitars), GUNI (guitars and viola), LOLA DE RIBEIRA (vocals, Galician pipes and percussion) and XABIER ALONSO (drums).

The group looks to the Magical Realism of the Galician writer Álvaro Cunqueiro, only to turn it into ‘Magical Punkism’, breathing life into its own independent republic, a safe haven for all kinds of cultural activities and where the group can finally fulfil its role as a true diplomatic corps. In a paradise called “MUENGA”, music serves as the hinge-pin for an increasingly intricate communication.

This came to a head with the Casa de Tolos de Segundo Grandío project late last summer, where fellow republicans (also from Muenga, of course), such as UXÍA SENLLE, SUSANA SEIVANE, ROBERTO GRANDAL, JULIÁN HERNÁNDEZ, XURXO SOUTO and METALES PRECIOSOS also lent a helping hand.

This ambitious project also covered literature, and advisers didn’t take long to appear either, enthusiastically providing their own dose of sensitivity. Writers such as MANUEL MARÍA, LINO BRAXE and MANUEL RIVAS added their voices to this condemnation of the way communication is (ab)used, affecting everyone in this mad world we live in.
”Wake up, if you’re asleep, from your deep dreams ...”

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