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cd cover Uxía
Meu Canto (2011) (Boa - do Fol Música)
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Galician singer Uxía is deeply rooted in her native Galicia, but she always ventures out into the world for inspiration. This 2011 recording was made in Brazil, working with Jaime Alem (the producer of many of Maria Bethânia's recordings). She brings the two worlds together by focusing on the fundemantals of her voice, which she sees as "the only instrument that never lies."


1. Verde-gaio
2. Rianxeira
3. Os teus ollos
4. Daquelas que cantan
5. Alalás encadeados
6. Menino do bairro negro
7. Minha missão
8. Cantar e sorrir
9. Rosa namorada
10. Terra minha e súa
11. Ramo verde
12. O cuco a cantar
13. Como la cigarra
14. Xente da festa
15. Alalá das mariñas

More info:
In Meu Canto, Uxía reveals us the the foundation songs of her live repertoire plus some new ones, in her most intimate and personal project to date. A project devoid of artifice, in which her unique voice is the key.  

Uxia has a beautiful and serene voice that shies away from any exhibitionism and becomes transparent, showing a mature artist who realizes that nothing is more sophisticated than the essentials and that the voice is the only instrument that never lies.

Meu Canto because most of the songs contain the word song because this album is a reflection on the act of singing, the emotions it provokes, the voice, the essence ....

Uxía follows the trail of a culture that travels and changes the meaning and nature of borders. This time her journey takes us to Brazil, where this work was recorded, in the recording studios Biscoito Fino in Rio de Janeiro. The choice was not casual, facing this new challenge with the production of the famous musician Jaime Alem (producer of Maria Bethânia) and the talent and complicity of the virtuoso instrumentalist Sergio Tannus, we can listen also in “Os Teus Ollos” the collaboration of Lenine, a guarantee for words and music that always come from the deeper and intimate of her being, her soul.

Twenty-five year of artistic career makes her one of the most popular and valued voices in Galician language. Her songs still have the latent presence of traditional music, with an innovative treatment.

A more subdued voice, deeper than ever. A voice that shows the strength and vulnerability that Uxía brings to this point of the road, with the conviction that a people who sang from immemorial times cannot lose a tool as fundamental as the voice, the song itself, Meu Canto.

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