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cd cover Os Cempés
Circo Montecurato
The Centipedes is certainly an appropriate name, because this Galician band has many legs, many facets, both folky and unexpected. This quartet presents a big sound, and it certainly has a certain circus atmosphere to it all. Thumping marches, grand sweeping ballads, wild dancing and graceful, smaller moments. At times it all gets a bit chaotic (Daniele Sepe fans take note!), but then they swoop down and enchant.

The band:
cd cover
Oscar Fernández Sanjurjo (accordion)
Antón Varela (Galician bagpipes and clarinet)
Serxo Cés (Galician tambourine, saxophones, Galician whistle, clave, cowbell, vocals)
Toni do Jaz (drums, percussion)

Circo Montecurato
Sara Sarafina
A Micaela
A mazurca..
Pasadoble Municipal
Jota das Fontes

Also by Os cempes
Capitan re
New in 2004: Moe a Moa

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