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The first album by this Galician ensemble is a bit more low-key and folky than their acclaimed Viaxe por Urticaria, but it is still a gorgeous piece of work, with a stronger jazz flavor, but no dearth of genuine folk touches. It only comes in second because the more recent release is so incredible. It's still an essential CD for those who like Galician music with some innovation.


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"... the dominant feeling on the album is somewhere between low-key contemporary jazz and traditional folk. Even a traditional religious march ends up sounding like a gentle piece of jazz on soprano sax before the hurdy-gurdy adds a medieval touch. Several pieces approach the sort of folk-jazz that is coming out of Brittany these days... For the more traditionally inclined, a nice bonus on this CD is the participation of As Pandereteiras de Cantigas e Agarimos, a group of seven women who sing and play tambourines. Their contributions retain much of the stark power of their unison choral approach, but add modern arrangements using the band's full sound palette." - Dirty Linen

"Best Live Act of 2000" - FolkWorld
Read their interview with the band.

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