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CD cover: BerrogŁetto Brand new for 2006
BerrogŁetto 10.0

The long-awaited return of this superb Galician band, celebrating their 10th year (2006) with a recording of all new pieces.

Berrogüetto's first record appeared on the musical scene in 1996. It was the beginning of an innovative group, with different and original ideas.

Navicularia, their first album, was a success among the critics (Prize from the German Critics in 1997, shared with Ry Cooder, European Prize of Music "Eiserner Eversteiner" in 1998) and the public. Their words, with care and sensitivity, in a discreet manner, took everyone by surprise.

Then came giving concerts in festivals, and their international tours through Galicia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, United Kingdom, confirming the vitality and prestige of a Galician group that was becoming, in a very short space if time, one of the most important "world music" groups in the world.

Viaxe por Urticaria
cd cover Viaxe por Urticaria, their awaited second album, edited in 1999, prolongued and corroborated the creative energy of Berrogüetto's music. This album, which came out in various international editions, also surprised everyone with the graphical image of the cover photos in which you can see the musicians covered in mud, impregnated in earth, a metaphore for the alternation of the traditional and contemporary, one of the essential musical objectives of the group.

The first draft of Hepta (number seven, in Greek) has, in the same way, the germ of an ideographical objective. It comes from reflection and a game with the magical number seven is the number of musicians, seven are the musical notes, seven the colours, seven the fine arts...

cd cover That is why, Hepta has been able to count on the collaboration of others from different artistic disciplines as is the case of George Rousse, a well-known French contemporary artist, whose work technique combines architecture, painting and photography. Hepta is a combination of different arts, a combined intervention of artists that has had, apart from George Rousse, many other contributions, as is the case of the special contribution from the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáea (CGAC).

The centenary ceramics factories of Sargadelos (Lugo), a manufacturing complex created in 1791 by the illustrous Antonio Raimundo Ibáñez, Marqués de Sargadelos, constitutes a unique example of the industrial revolution in Spain, and at the same time, a dark page in history (he was killed, for being suspected of being too french) that we must claim back.

This factory is still an example of creativity and good management, its current owners are promoters of the patronage of the arts and have collaborated with Berrogüetto in the development of their idea. George Rousse worked on one of the historical buildings of the old factory for a week, and the group lived, day to day, the creative experience. The outcome is the excellent cover, the general graphic concept of the record and the photographic works of art that have been incorporated to the album.

Hepta has had the collaboration of international musicians Jivan Gasparian (Armenia) who plays the Duduk, a wind instrument with similar qualities to the human voice; Markus Svensson (Sweden) plays the Nyckelharp, an old traditional Swedish instrument with keys and strings that looks like a violin and Kalman Balogh (Hungary) interpreted the Cimbalom, a traditional instrument from the Balkans

The results are 13 songs composed between all the members of Berrogüetto, containing the musical elements that have consolidated the style of this pioneering group.

Hepta was recorded and mixed in the months of July, August and September 2001 in the recording studio that the group has in their rehearsal rooms. The final touches were carried out in Casa de Tolos and the mastering was done by Bob Katz in the USA.

Berroguetto are Anxo Pintos (hurdy-gurdy, violin, saxophone, piano, bagpipes), Isaac Palacín (Percussion), Quico Comesaña (Bouzouki and harp), Quin Farinha (violin), Santiago Cribeiro (accordeon and piano), Guillermo Fernández (guitar and bass) and Guadi Galego (vocals and bagpipes).

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