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cd cover SongJa Chee
Gayageum Sanzo (AkdangEban, Korea)
(cdRoots code akd-004)

A masterful performance on the kayagum (gayageum), a Korean zither, accompanied by Man Choi on buk (hour-glass drum).

This recording is an excellent, high quality presentation, produced to very high recording standards and issued as an SACD. It will also play on any standard CD player.


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More info:
Sanzo (or Sanjo) is a style of traditional Korean music, involving an instrumental solo accompanied by a single drum – either the Janggu, an hourglass-shaped drum or the Buk, a barrel drum covered in cowhide. Sanjo was first developed around 1890 by Kim Chang-jo (1865-1920), for the Gayageum. Thereafter, it was adapted to other traditional Korean instruments, including the Geomungo and Korean flutes. Currently regarded as the apogee of Korean instrumental music, Sanjo draws deeply upon the indigenous musical traditions of pansori, sinawi, and the instrumental performances of Korean shamanism.

The Song GeumYeon ryu Gayageum Sanzo was the life's work of the great Gayageum pioneer Song GeumYeon. Song's artistry was forged in the crucible of Korea’s turbulent history from the 1950s through the 1980, where despite war and privations, she continued her studies and even toured abroad. In 1968, Song GeumYeon was appointed artisan and custodian of Intangible Cultural Asset No. 23 - Gayageum Sanzo with Byeongchang (a self-accompanied song). Song GeumYeon never recorded her sanzo in its entirety and later, several movements were later mistakenly attributed to other schools.

In this unique performance, Song Geum-yeon's student and disciple SongJa Chee has restored her master's epic vision. Chee's reconstruction of the Song GeumYeon ryu Sanzo reveals a true masterpiece, expanding and extending the language of the traditional Sanzo with wide-ranging melodies and complex rhythmic patterns - a passionate summation of a life's work.

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