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Drufiacc ® (2L)

On the second CD by this wonderful Norwegian group traditional Nordic music meets classical and blues, driven by a trio of fiddle, accordion and percussion to produce a compelling and driving sound. The purest of tunes and the simplest of moods exemplifies the mastery of Sturla Eide (fiddle, hardangerfiddle), Øivind Farmen (accordion) and Håvard Sterten (percussion) as the bend the borders and break some rules on their way to discoivering new turf for Norwegian folk music.

Oksenes dans

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About the musicians:
cd cover Traditional fiddler Sturla Eide is a highly respected young performer, with many merits and awards to his name. Using fiddle and Hardanger fiddle he emphasizes the sense of place and region as well as an openness to global influences, and he has inspired numerous other musicians to start their own explorations.

Øivind Farmen is the classical/contemporary heavyweight within the band, mixing the sophistication from his many years of classical training with a good sense of fun and danceability, creating musical contexts all the way from the most fragile piccolo sounds to thunderous harmonies, and his playing gives Flukt the amazing width in timbre that is so typical of their sound.

Underscoring all of this with ingenious percussion beats we find Håvard Sterten, whose versatility comes from drumming with blues, rock and world music bands through many years. His infectious grooves can get any foot going and any heart beating within a matter of seconds.

Norwegian, Swedish and American audiences have been swept away by Flukt, and many fellow musicians have expressed their admiration for the technical prowess, inspired delivery and creative danger in their live performances. Since starting out in 1998 they have seen many talented musicians pass through their ranks and onto other commitments, and they have always returned with an explosive new line-up. Throughout their career they’ve played hundreds of shows, including the Falun and Førde international folk music festivals, and they are household names on Norwegian radio and TV.

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