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cd cover Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler

Kamilya Jubran (voice and oud) and Werner Hasler (electronic instruments) have found a startling new vehicle for middle eastern texts that is both deeply ancient and human while stridently modern, not designed for the dance floor but presented in a robust, thoughtful, art-music approach. Jubran, well-known for her many years as a lead member of the Palestinian art ensemble Sabreen, finds a totally new path for her vision and voice in the unique aural landscapes created by Swiss musician Hasler. They have taken a group of both famous and little known texts and given them fresh meaning in their unique interpretations. (see text translations at the end of this page)


Miraat Al-Hijarah
Nafas Al-Ahwal 2

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Wameedd is a dynamic and symbiotic creational process between Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler. In the unique opportunity of their meeting, Kamilya and Werner started an experiment with no definition, nor an intended destination. They both have different roots yet their central current worlds meet. At every meeting, Kamilya and Werner experiment and go to a different orbit as they get inspired with the questions that mobilize their imagination. Every outcome becomes consistent with strong and new meanings yet at the same time associated with the simplicity of sound. It is an open communication with less cultural preconceptions. This is a smooth outcome of Kamilya's voice quality and its limitless utility, Arabic words, Arabic phonemic rhythms and Kamilya's compositions. It is also an outcome of the roots of Werner's vocal instrument, his own melodies and his unique lead in electronic music. They both come in on common grounds with a common vision of the world and a shared knowledge of how to communicate with it. The outcome at every meeting is fragile, uncertain, yet at the same time expressive and definitive. Kamilya and Werner continue questioning and moving in unwalked territories towards a horizon they have not experienced before. This creation may result in a unique alchemy in a harmonious universe and may become a distinctive language of art which is hard to name. (Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee, Zurich)

What the artists say about the work: Wameedd is the result of the dynamic and symbiotic creative process of Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler. In the unique opportunity of their meeting, they have created an experiment with no suppositions or fixed destination. They have different cultural and artistic roots but their worlds intermingle. At each meeting, Kamilya and Werner go into a different orbit, inspired by the questions that mobilize their imagination. Each encounter generates new meaning within the simplicity of the sound. The result is fragile, uncertain and expressive, an open communication without preconceptions.

Wameedd is the product of Kamilya's unique vocal skill and limitless imagination. Arabic words and phonemic rhythms are wrapped in her original compositions. Wameedd is found in the roots of Werner's "vocal instrument," his melodies and his unique talents in electronic music. They both inhabit common ground and share a powerful vision. They continue to question and move in uncharted territories towards a new horizon. The creation of Wameedd comes from a unique alchemy, inhabits a harmonious universe and culminates in the distinctive, indefinable language of art.

About the artists:

Werner Hasler was born 1969. He studied music at Swiss Jazz School of Bern. He toured and recorded with bands such as Nits, Tonus, William Bell, and Eddy Floyd. Since 1997, Werner Hasler runs his own band: Manufactur where he develops his own style of audio researched electronic music. Recordings: Manufactur #1 (Manufactured Audio/RecRec) Manufactur #2 (Braincells Records, RecRec). Werner Hasler was a soloist in the Swiss Pavilion of the World Expo 2000 in Hanover, performed electronic live music and trumpet with the Ballet of Stadttheather Bern in 2001; and in 2002 toured with Kamilya Jubran on Mahattaat. Werner Hasler is currently recording with the Japanese sound designer Sunao Inami;, and working on a new recording and repertory of Manufactur.

Kamilya Jubran was born in 1963 in Aakka, to Palestinian parents who are from Al-Rameh, a northern Palestinian village in Al-Jaleel. Elias Jubran, Kamilya's father, an authentic instrument maker and a music teacher; was her first source of classical Arabic musical education. In 1982; she joined the Palestinian musical group Sabreen in Al-Quds-Jerusalem . For twenty years, Kamilya was Sabreen's lead singer/ performer, Qanoon and other oriental instruments player, and partner in the production of four albums which Sabreen toured with in Palestinian cities and in many other cities in the world. The period Kamilya lived with Sabreen represents a deep and dynamic process that created a new style of a unique modern Arabic song.

In May-June 2002, Kamilya Jubran was in Bern, hosted by ProHelvetia Artist's Residency Program. This program introduced Kamilya Jubran to musical trends and styles in Switzerland, introduced her to special musical and visual artists and gave her the time and space for new inspirations. At the end of 2002, Kamilya conceptualized her first independent production Mahattaat (stations in Arabic) , a musical visual performance . She led it with Sarah Murcia, on double bass ; Werner Hasler, electronic musician and Michael Spahr www.optikle.com, Video Jockey. Mahattaat was initially promoted by ProHelvetia and Kultur Und Entwicklung premiering in Schlachthaus/Bern Ja'salam Festival; on October 20 th , 2002. At the end of March, 2003 Mahattaat performed in Egypt in four concerts in Cairo, Alexandria and Minyyah. Later Mahattaat performed on April 20 th in BOA ,Luzern ; on May 10th in Berlin-Germany's “D isorientation Festival " , at the House of Culture; on May 25th in Bern-Switzerland at Bee Flat ; on June 15 th in Göteborg -Sweden's at the First Clandestino Festival of Bwana Club ; on August 26 th in Zurich at Theatre Spektakel; on Oct 9 th City of Women in Ljubljana , on Nov. 26 th in Dijon, on Nov. 27 th in the Swiss Cultural Center in Paris and finally on December 18 th in Fabrik of Hamburg.

Texts from Wameedd
©2005 Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler

1. Ghareebah

A stranger in this world ..
A stranger ..
In estrangement there is cruel loneliness
And painful desolation
But it makes me forever think
Of a magical home I know not
It fills my dreams with shadows of a far away land
My eyes never saw
A stranger in this world
I wandered East and West on earth
But found not my birthplace nor met one who recognizes me
Or who heard of me.

Gibran Khalil Gibran

2. Nafad Al-Ahwal II
I stood in the middle of the room searching for my cases. I inspected the lamp, the ashtray, loss and gain, the door and the statues. I got belittled in my own eyes so I stood in front of the mirror for long to see my face. I scrutinized the air full of smoke and coughs. I almost erased and forgot it. I got belittled and belittled until I stood for long in front of the door to enter, then to exit, and then without a sound I stretched on the armless, open and mute bed. There I remembered what happened. I remembered the day I was killed, raped, cut to pieces lemon by lemon, cigarette by cigarette, was ripped and for the first time I cried for my death and for nature.

Paul Shaoul

3. Al Shaatté' Al Akhar

We are the people on the other shore
Like human beings who cannot be reached
Although they are near, are seen
Our bodies have no definite limits
We have no other existence except this sight
We are expelled from ourselves
Prevented from living in our real countries
We are the people on the other shore
Our blood defies time
No hand can erase us
As all that intoxicates the spirit,
Raises it to ecstasy,
Is elicited from our movements
We are the people on the other shore
Prisoners of our own private mirrors
The sand of time flows between our fingers
We didn't want to succumb to dreams
Though they captured our hearts

Dimitri T Analis translated to Arabic by Adonis

4. Miraat Al-Hijarah

There isn't anyone who hasn't heard their noise:
Bugles blowing in the enclosure, crying and disrupted wailing
And horses' neighing
Wandering in the street
Generations descend, generations ascend in every sunrise and sunset
And witnesses in circles move towards the gods of the dead with offerings
Of the living
So go and ask this sleeper on the bottom of the high mountain:
What are you doing here in Satan's capital?
What kind of maps do you possess in this flood, and what road
Do you take, for there is no
Return after that
For all your bridges on top of the sea are folded by fire, and your marks
In the valley
Are erased by the wind?
Tell the dweller in his cave, left to loneliness and forgetfulness:
Rise up to see your face in the stone's blind mirror
Rise from your sleep and let out your stifled scream
Your bitter scream into the deaf ear!

Fadel Al Azzawi

5. Amshi
Walking for days
In a low voice I count trees, hats, streets..
In a low voice .. I walk in a low voice
For several trees .. hats and streets
For several years I walk in a low voice
For several low voices in trees, hats and walls..
For several deaths.

Paul Shaoul

6. Nafad Al-Ahwal I

My childhood was long
In my long childhood things were in place
The morning had a sun we knew, and light
Before it there was dawn, after it was midday
The morning was morning, the body was a body, the tree was a tree
The dead were dead, the living were living, midday was midday, the star was a star
night was night, sleep was sleep and the dream was a dream,
In my long childhood

Paul Shaoul

7. Al-Mawjatu Ta'ti
Night, night, night, night, night, night, night, night, night, night, black night
Like coal is the blackness of
Dead suns, coal in the night of coal in the night of the suns
That I follow
And galaxies follow me in the earth's memory here the sea
Shall raise me and the wave will
Come from the midst of the primordial nothing in the night we start a life forever
Like departure
Towards a Spring in the field.
Ay, I know that if I follow that star that fills my life
with light
I shall certainly reach my guide's ascending vehicle on its journey
towards eternity
finally waiting for me in the farthest valley of
the Arabian desert.

Fadel Al Azzawi

8. Ankamishu

I shrink onto my invisible twin
Isolating my dreams from their throne
I strip my thoughts from certitude
I leave the details of desires and suspicions
I desert my infatuation with things.
I uncover .. I uncover .. I uncover
My skin .. my flesh … my bones
My name .. my belonging
My ancestry .. my progeny.
I leave the cells multitudes and the shadow's frame
United with the eclipses' gleam
Where the wolf and the prey become one.

Aicha Arnaout

9. Ayna Tantahi

Where Does the Wave End ?
And where does the sea begin?
Where does the body end
And where does the shadow start?
Where does darkness end
And where does the light begin?
Words breathe outside of their frames.
The senses entangle then spread
A circle's circumference
With a center in the nowhere.

Aicha Arnaout

10. Nafad Al-Ahwal
There I lit and flamed and almost lost my mind,
my patience, my tongue
So I sat behind the table
Then I rushed towards the middle and there I stopped,
I stood frozen
The lamp was directly on my face so I appeared like the
fading and the absent,
And silence
Long moments of silence
My tone rose, I repeated:
I got lost many times, died many times and
have become lonely.

Paul Shaoul

11. Al-Hubb Assa'b

I feel a terrible headache
My eye in a stone
I no longer see well
My soup inside an elephant
I can't eat
They covered the sun with a screen
Is it possible
truth is disastrous
They killed me
I have exploded
I was waiting for my turn .. I went
.. they killed me
Love is difficult, war is easy.

Sawsan Darwaza

Wameedd ©2005 Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler

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