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cd cover VeDaKi
Gombi Zor

The ensemble formerly known as Vershki Da Koreshki is back in Y2K with another challenging musical enterprise. The band is Alexi Levin (on keyboards, accordion, mouth harp and reeds) and Vladimir Volkov (double-bass), Sandip Bhattacharya, Indian tabla player and singer. Guests include Sami singer Mari Boine and Russian icon Sergey Starostin.


"... Whether the jazz snots, folk police and style fascists like it or not, there really is some World Music being made. And this is a brilliant example." - Ian Anderson, FolkRoots review of their previous recording

"The name is also their statement of purpose: Vershki (above the ground/ top) and Koreshki (below the ground/ root) is the name of a Russian fairy tale, a fitting connection for this band. Their works are totally improvised (all songs are credited to the entire group) with a dedication to American and European jazz, but the folky spirit of their melodic and rhythmic inspirations prevails throughout. They play music in childlike amazement at the connections and divisions their varied backgrounds create. Nothing on this album is recognizably Russian, Senegalese or Indian. It is an amalgam, and as such it is only valuable once it is molded to its own purpose. It is a driving trance music; incessant in its rhythms, elusive in its melodic intent. VeDaKi sees the future of jazz, an international cooperative of musicians who meet on common emotional ground. While they expose their roots in the musical themes they start with, it is the top that matters, the now of musicians lost in their own creative world." - Hollow Ear

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