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cd cover Amélia Muge
a Monte

As the world is flooded with "new fado" and "avant fado" and "fado fusion", listen to a Portuguese singer who knows none of the limits of these crazy, limited genres. Muge offers a glimpse at true artistry, as a singer, composer, arranger and collaborator. Muge was born in Mozambique, and this global perspective colors everything she touches.

She is joined in this endeavor by a remarkable group of musicians: percussionists, bagpipers, reeds players, singers, guitarists, accordionists and a battery of unusual instruments, plus some brilliantly controlled electronics. Each of the 18 songs here is a unique little gem, unified by their creativity and splendid colors. (And by the way, when she does venture into the traditional fado, you will hear none better!)

A monte
A avo Tina
A garra do marcaco
Se nao tenho outra voz
Nem contigo nem ti

Also by Amelia Muge: Todos os Dias

"Like most of her records, the music moves between poles, uneasily remaining in the realm of the sentimental, then, taking a dramatic turn to the exotic, whether by way of instrumentation or dissonance. The effect, when it works, as it does on most of the tracks on A Monte, is gripping. But this is like saying that Mozart has written, yet again, another stellar symphony... Like her previous work, A Monte is hypnotic, exciting, and yields more to the listener on multiple listenings. This will be a classic. - Erik Keilholtz

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