Laço Tayfa - Hicaz Dolop
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Laço Tayfa
Hicaz Dolap (Double Moon)

Hüsnü Senlendirici - clarinet
Özkan Alici baglama
Nuri Lekesizgöz -kanun
Ergun Hepbildik - violin
Mehmet Akatay -percussion
Volkan Öktem - drums
Nurhat Sensesli -bass guitar
Burç Sensesli -keyboards

The press info:
Laço Tayfa represents a new synthesis within the Turkish Roman (Gypsy) tradition. Under the leardership of clarinetist Hüsnü Senlendirici, Laço Tayfa brings Turkish regional folk music into dialogue with contemporary world music styles, fired by a driving improvisational style. This unification is achieved in Hicaz Dolap at such a level that listeners will find themselves caught up in a journey to the edges of a harmonious whole that is composed of incongruous melodic structures. Every instrument breathes on their own in this album; instruments that once are thought to be archrivals merge in great harmony. Songs such as Gel Yad'a Salma Dilber, Us,s,ak (meaning "brother" in the dialect of Black Sea region) and Erkilet Güzeli embody the return to the seventies funk improvisations and jazz, Püsküllü's (meaning "tassled") a-typical belly dancing piece, Zülüf's (meaning "hair of the lover") dark ballads create a fully achieved lesson in gypsy-oriental, jazz-funk-occident traditions of music. The original vocals by Kibariye, Athena's Gökhan and Hakan and the delicate, almost invisible bonus remixes by Mercan Dede complete the musical wholeness in Hicaz Dolap. The album written and composed by gifted musicians captures the quality of a travelogue which will be fully experienced by music lovers.

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