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Daby Touré
Diam (Real World)

Daby Touré grew up in Mauitania, but moved to Paris at a young age, where he did service in Afropop bands like Touré Kunda (his cousins) and later Touré Touré. THis solo effort (which translates as 'peace') is a folky and experimental 'world music' recording that while strong on African roots, delves into a variety of other cultural influences for inspiration.

"Most of the Mauritanian music heard in the UK is of the hardcore desert variety, best exemplified by the throaty singing style of Dimi Mint Abba . Toure's music has passed through a Parisian studio filter. His co-producer and keyboardist is Cyrille Dufay, whose contributions are always tastefully shaded. A song like "Yaw" will include sampled loops and echo-percussion, but these trimmings don't interfere with the illusion of acoustic space. Toure repeatedly aims for a mesmerising mood, which can sometimes relax into blandness. "Bary" has a Malian feel, particularly with its sawing electric cello lines, whilst "Dendecuba" boasts one of the album's strongest melodies. "Hammadi" and "Fabe" are infused with a great sadness, as Daby's voice takes on a raw aspect for the latter tune, set against a trailing melodica line. This album's only drawback is a cumulative sense of sameness as the songs unfold... His approach is perfect for global music crossover success, managing to retain its rootsy qualities at the same time as forging ahead with an individualist singer-songwriter pop-fusion." - Martin Longley, BBC Online

Press form the record label:
Daby Touré's star is on the rise, with this solo debut for Real World on the heels of his immensely well-received tour appearances with Peter Gabriel across Europe and the UK. No one has performed In Your Eyes in duet with Gabriel as compellingly since superstar Youssou N'Dour's original version — and this charismatic and heartful young singer has the clear potential to join N'Dour in the pantheon of great contemporary West African vocalists and original songwriters.

Hailing from Mauritania, near Senegal and Mali, Daby grew up among the traditions of his own Soninke' people and of the neighboring Toucouleur and Wolof cultures, and he provided music at village feasts and weddings from a very early age while his father practiced medicine in their village. When political unrest severely disrupted their country in 1989, his father forsook medicine and left to join Daby's uncles in the great musical ensemble, Touré Kunda, based in Paris — and Daby moved with him.

Absorbing the musical diversity the great city offered, Daby began to play club gigs and rock cover bands, eventually leaving business school over his father's protest to form the group Touré Touré with his cousin Omar. They explored the vivid common frontiers of African music and jazz, and toured extensively — including numerous dates in the U.S. — but over time, Daby felt stylistically limited. He sequestered himself to write and arrange, record and mix. And, after 7 years of hard work and with the help of electronic wizard Cyrille Dufay, DIAM was born.

DIAM means "peace" — and its songs tell of freedom, family, the state of the world in general, and the importance in particular of being positive when times are hard. Its tunefulness and deceptive simplicity beautifully frame a great new voice and songwriting talent from the musical richness of Africa , and a charismatic new star.

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