Karsten Troyke: Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts - Tango oyf Yiddish
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cd cover Karsten Troyke
Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts - Tango oyf Yiddish (Oriente)

Singer and indefatigable promoter of Yiddish language and culture in his home town Berlin, Karsten Troyke does not care so much about where the tango originally comes from. His distinctive style refers to the Jewish theatre and cabaret song of the Twenties and early Thirties just as to the renaissance of the Yiddish 'Schlager' ofn the Fifties, and after all his art has that brightness you will not find while searching it. He is accompanied by Trio SCHO (Gennadi Dessiatnik, violin, backing vocals; Valeri Khoryshman, accordion; Michael Jach, double bass and guest musician Jan Hermerschmidt on clarinet.


More info:

  • 1. Akh Nem Mikh, Liber (Trad./arr. Sara Bialas/Karsten Troyke) 3:48
  • 2. Ven Di Lakhst (Max Perlman) 2:59
  • 3. Mazl In Brukhe (Dave Cash) 4:34
  • 4. Libste (Benzion Witler) 2:20
  • 5. Fin A Shtayn Geboyrn (Trad./bearb. Witler) 2:59
  • 6. Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts (Witler) 3:41
  • 7. Tsvay Hartsn (Simon Ossovitzky) 3:18
  • 8. Tango Margarita (Trad./bearb. Jacob Sandler) 2:56
  • 9. Ales Farloyrn (Witler) 3:17
  • 10. Mazel, Di Shaynst Amul Far Yedemen (Trad./bearb. Witler) 2:32
  • 11. A Shud Dayne Trern (Witler) 2:57
  • 12. Harts Mayn (Musik: I. Dunayevski / Text: Mosche Sachar/Troyke) 2:49
  • 13. A Bisale Glik (Henry Gerro) 2:50
  • 14. Belz (Trad.) 4:45
  • 15. Ver Ken Di Libe (Witler) 4:22
  • 16. Gedenk (Witler) 3:24

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