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Kepa Junkera
Bilbao 00:00h
2 CD set: $29.99

This is one of the best examples of how new and old can work toegther, across continents and styles, to produce a truly great recording. Basque accordionist Junkera is joined by an international cast to create a 2 CD set of some of the most exciting trans-global acoustic music to happen in years. Guests incldude some of the best Basque players, plus Phil Cunningham, Hedningarna, Justin Vali, La Bottine Souriante, Bela Fleck, Dulce Pontes, Paddy Maloney, Liam O'Flynn... the list goes on and on.

This Spanish import version of the recording is beautifully packaged as a small hardbound book with lyrics, color photos and the 2 CDs.

Listen to an excerpt of "Bok-Espok"
Listen to the song "Fali-Faly"

" an innovator on the diatonic accordion known in the region as trikitixa, he has made his mark as a unique young musician. He's willing to try anything, and yet never seems to lose sight of the roots of his music and his instrument.... "Bok-Espok" finds him in the hands of the Swedish trio Hedningarna and Basque alboka (ram's horn played with a circular breathing technique) player Ibon Koteron. It is cold, dark and eerie, as much for its insistent lack of "place," its defiance to the idea of locating specific roots of the tune. Is it Sami? Is it Basque? Yes. No.... Perhaps the most striking collaborations are the half dozen tracks that feature Malagasy valiha man Justin Vali. The amazing "Fali-Faly" is going to be remembered as one of those classic collaborations as Vali sings and plays a folk song from Madagascar that expands with an acoustic jazz bass, followed with a slow build of trikitixa, accordion (Mairtin O'Conner), flute (Manuel Budiño), fiddle (Fraser), more accordion (Phil Cunningham), banjo (Bela Fleck) and footstomps and voices from the La Bottine front. The arrangement shows a beautiful sense of timing and mutual understanding, and it's just plain fun and exciting." - RootsWorld

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