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trance gong
Gamelan Pacifica
Trance Gong (cdRescue)
This is an authorized CDR reproduction of the original CD, made in cooperation with the ensemble as part of our cdRescue series.

Gamelan Pacifica, directed by Jarrad Powell, presents six new works for an ensemble inspired by the gong/chime orchestras of Java and Bali. Seattle's Gamelan Pacifica performs contemporary music drawn from various composers and traditions of Indonesia and America. The disc features works composed since 1983 except a realization of 'In A Landscape' (1948) by John Cage. Other composers featured are Jeff Morris, Jarrad Powell, Signy Jakobsdottir and Jon Keliehor.
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Gamelan Pacifica was formed in 1980 and is directed by composer Jarrad Powell. The group is a professional ensemble in residence at the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. The group performs new and innovative music in an international style, drawing their repertoire from various composers and traditions, while seeking to define a style reflective of their own musical tastes, interest, training and instincts.

Gamelan Pacifica currently uses three sets of instruments: an iron and bronze set in Central Javanese style; a bronze set in Cirebon style; and an American gamelan made of aluminum. The Central Javanese and the American instruments were used on this recording. The diversity of gamelan styles in Indonesia as well as in other countries proves this to be a vital and constantly changing form of musical expression; some of the extended instrumentation heard here, such as the use of Roto-Toms, xiao-bo, or even electronic processing, can be seen as part of this evolving concept of gamelan.

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