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Sadly, this is out of stock, and the band has broken up, so I doubt we will be able to get more.

Please look here for more Spanish music, and let me suggest these:
La Musgana
Sol de Nit
Xose Manuel Budino


"The musical elements differ, but the wildly invigorating eclecticism with which Numidia, an eleven-piece ensemble from northeastern Spain, infuses its debut recording, Nůmadas, brings to mind Ozomotli's equally bizarre, equally pleasing first release. Numidia's vocals are competently delivered in a quartet of languages, but it is the band's instrumental vision and mastery which set it apart, pride of place assumed by its unusual 'brass' section, in which both fagot (bassoon) and gaita (single-reed bagpipe) figure prominently.... The best single song on "Nůmadas" is "La Encina del Pensamiento," a forceful waltz beginning with percussion and a two-part brass introduction before erupting into a driven fandango featuring brass, the gaita-bassoon combination, and accordion seamlessly alternating in support of another Abad vocal, a marvel of tonal and textural diversity, one climax after another. It would be difficult to overstate the pleasures and surprises of "Nůmadas." - Jim Foley, RootsWorld