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CD cover image Appellation Contrôlée
Appellation Contrôlée (Music and Words, Netherlands)

New music for the hurdy gurdy and diatonic accordion.
Servais Haanen - trekharmonika
René Meeuws - draailier
Gaby Schreiner - draailier


1. Road song; 2. Valse du chocolat aux amandes/Esprit de l'escalier; 3. Cool cat waltz; 4. Fratres; 5. Snelle jongens uit Vianen; 6. La creation du monde; 7. Tanz/America; 8. Just another sucker on the vine; 9. Intro; 10. Bubblegum; 11. Dames uit de fontein; 13. Mutations

Also by Appellation Contrôlée Tiz

'They are doing for the hurdy gurdy and the diatonic accordion what the Kronos Quartet is doing for string quartet music' - Folk Roots

Press from the band:
Appellation Contrôlée plays contemporary music on instruments linked to ancient and traditional music. Especially the hurdy gurdies provide an archaic soundscape: the strings struck by a wheel produce not only a melody but also a non-stop drone, a type of polyfony dating from the Middle Ages. The instruments used by this group are modern, electro-acoustic reconstructions of ancient originals. This subtle application of electronics is an integral part of Appellation Contrôlée’s music.

The pieces on this cd have different characters. Simon Jeffes, composer and leader of the English Penguin Cafe Orchestra, is represented by three of his compositions; Willem Breuker, the godfather of Dutch improvisational music, has contributed two pieces. The Dutch composer Wim Dirriwachter created a choral setting for four voices based on a poem called ‘Herfstlandschap’ by Dutch poet Paul van Ostaijen. This composition is performed instrumentally and plays an important role on the album. Eric Satie can truly be considered an old love of the group and like on the two previous releases, several pieces are included; as are themes from Laurie Anderson and two compositions from the extensive works of the violinist Blaine L. Reininger.

The final piece is ‘Feedback, for five electric guitars and amplified hurdy-gurdy’ from American composer Ron Ford. It can only be described as: Hildegard von Bingen meets Jimi Hendrix!

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