Harmonia Ensemble and Koçani Orkestar
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cd cover Harmonia Ensemble and Koçani Orkestar
Ulixes (Ulysses)

A surprising and unpredictible collusion between the infamous Macedonian brass and and the Italian avant gardists yeilds an exciting, often conflitcing series of emotional tracks.


See also: King Naat Veliov & the Original Kocani Orkestar - Cigance

Performed by

Harmonia Ensemble writes:
Gypsies possess an incredible capacity of absorbing and transforming the cultures that, over the centuries, they have found on their travels. Their music is always a complex "melange" of musical styles. And for this reason they are close to our idea of contyamination, of cultural nomadism. As an intellectual activity and a search for continuous comparisons with different cultures. Like a journey towards self discovery.

The Harmonia Ensemble:
directed by Giampiero Bigazzi
The melody and rhythm of an Italian heritage woven from the exotic strands of Romanticism and contemporary sounds, touching on minimalism and jazz. Soloists are O. Odori, D. Puliti, A. Garosi and P. Corsi

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