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cd cover Kreoli

Kreoli come from the Jyvaskyla region of central Finland. The core group is Tapani Vaahervaara (bass, keyboards, percussion, etc) and Timo Ostman (electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel, percussion) with a rotating cast of musicians adding drums, lute/ud, mandolin, fiddle, lots more percussion and some vocals. A truly hard-to-place recording, this Finnish ensemble opens with a Suomized version of Oliver Mtukudzi's "Neria" and it roams the globe from there, with touches of Zimbabwean pop, Finnish folk, cool jazz, weird slidey-guitary bursts of instrumental melodiousness, Arabic jams and a female lead singer who is just splendid! They are comparable to no one and everyone... a precise, complex, multi-layered mix of mystic music.

"Leea (Neria)"
"Neillin Marssi"

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"To call this 'world music' would be an understatement there are strands of influence from several genres, in no small way due to Ostman's affinity with African and Celtic traditions... A quirky but rather dark Finnish Polska is given Zimbabwean treatment to give birth to something truly inspirational... Kreoli employ the use of space a great deal nothing is overly instrumented and, as the band members themselves reveal, this is a very "roomy" soundscape, quite clutter-free. There is a lot on this album, but the bottom line is, it works, and it's a strong debut. Musical creolisation in the widest sense." - Jennifer Byrne, RootsWorld

"Promisingly inventive debut from Finnish duo of Timo Ostman and Tapani Vaahervaara..." fRoots

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