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CD cover image Bittová Iva
Iva Bittová j.h. (Indies, Czech Republic)

Iva Bittová has been the guest of many artists all over the world, but this compilation mostly explores her work with her Czech compatriots, including Ida Kelarová, Pavel Fajt and Pluto, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Krajinka and Vladimír Godár, as well as some film and theater music and one unique Gregorian chant experiment made expressly for this release. It's a wild range of emotions, techniques and sounds.


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Gloomy Sunday
Prostri mi plátnem
Stane se, ze
Vidíš, vidíš

Press from the record label:
Iva Bitová’s compilation album consists of recordings for which Iva Bittová was invited as a singing guest (there of the name of the album) on albums of another interprets. We can also find an interesting set of 16 songs/compositions that prove in a relatively compact form how rich in expression may Iva Bittová be. From the purely folklore nature in the song “Ej, love, love (Ej lásko, lásko)” from the album “Ida Kelarová and guests (Ida Kelarová a hosté)” to the folk tune or even pop-approaching songs (the initial song) however,in the best sense of the word. She is powerful also in rock bands (not only the song “Flageolety” from the album “Pavel Fajt & Pluto”) and she feels very comfortable in music experiments (among others, there is a song called “French” from the album “Nederlands Blazers Ensemble – Dance of the Vampires” on this CD). The interest of the film industry in Iva Bittová is documented by the examples from her participation on the music for the movies “The Men Who Cried” (the song “Gloomy Sunday” (L.Javor, D.Carter & L.Seres)) and “A Little Countryside (Krajinka)” (“Kaddisch” (by Maurice Ravel, instrumentation by Vladimír Godár). On this album, you can even find a bonus which is the sound-video record “Pax vita” (Iva’s voice variation on a Gregorian theme from the 15th Century) that was made exclusively for this album in the unique atmosphere of the architect Santini’s church in Kr(tiny near Brno.

The new Iva Bittová’s album is full of songs from all genres and each of the song proves the virtuosity with which Iva Bittová is able to acquaint herself with each genre, handle it and impress it with her distinct seal of her excellent musicianship.

The CD is packed in a very nice digipack on the cover of which is Iva Bittová’s drawing and she herself describes the individual songs in the booklet in a letterform.

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