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cd cover Ambrozijn
Krakalin (Home Records, Belgium)

This Belgian ensemble is a house favorite and this 2006 release is as good as what has come before. using true roots and lots of innovation, this acoustic ensemble of Tom Theuns (guitar, vocals), Wim Claeys (diatonic accordion) and Wouter Vandenabeele (violin) is always vibrant and always exploring the boudaries of their tradition. Beuatifully produced by Gabriel Yacoub, who previous did a number of their recordings including my personal favorite, Kabonka.

kuifje in bergom
down in sulamonia
de karabiezen

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The record label says:
Krakalin, the new record from Ambrozijn has arrived. With a helping hand from alchemist Gabriel Yacoub (malicorne) and a haunting vocal support by Vera Coomans, they will let you taste their sixth brew, showing every possible corner of their imaginary folk world. Singing songs in three languages, Tom Theuns, singer/composer/guitar player, comments: 'Somewhere by the side of a river. Krakalin, the city you've always dreamed about, where romances, nightmares, visionary illusions, runaway grooms, strange sects, broken hearts, boxes of fireworks and stories of brave sailors are washed upon its shore'

About the band:

"And there the bowl of ambrosia was mixed, and Hermes took the ladle to pour out for the gods; and then they all held goblets, and made libation, and wished the bridegroom all good luck." Sappho from Lesbos

The band came into existence in 1996, where the origin of the name has his roots in the Greek mythology. Ambrosia (in English) is the holy wine giving the Greek Gods their eternal youth. In the very beginning Ambrozijn played folk sessions in cosy pubs of Ghent. However, they started soon searching for their own roots which was looking for traditional songs and tunes and twisting them in all kinds of directions. On top of that, they immediately started with their own composed repertory.

In November 1998 they released their first album "Ambrozijn" produced by the French folk legend Gabriel Yacoub. Together with Las, they were immediately considered as the leading band in the new Belgian folk wave. As a result of that they performed at a lot of concerts in Belgium and abroad.

In 2000 they signed up with the Virgin label and they made their second album "Naradie" from which the title track was taken as a single. This song gave Ambrozijn a large national recognition.

After played a lot on the major festivals, they joined up again with Yacoub in 2002 to record their third album "Kabonka" (Wild Boar) with Sylvie Berger as guest musician. They album was recorded in less than three weeks in Yacoub's summer house in the Berry, France. Tom Theuns wrote most of the songs.

In 2002 they also work together with Paul Rans, a renowned tradional singer/lute player with whom they attack "De Hertog Van Brunswyk", a medieval tale of 65(!) couplets. The program passed the country with 35 shows and they recorded a CD which was released in September 2003 (Euphoda). In 2003 they went more international: e.g. the Rudolstadt festival and a ten day tour in the villages of the Futah, the sahel region of Senegal, an experience which was captured by a French television team.

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