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cd cover Luigi Cinque Tarantual Hypertext O'rchestra
Tangerine Café (Forrest Hill)

Tangerine Café
Niente senza 'e te

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From the pages of fRoots Magazine:
Tangerine Café is definitely deep Mediterranean, even though it draws elements from further afield. Its opener Garritm/ Core Amante starts off momentarily sounding like it's going to be an orchestrated jazz record with stately piano and beautiful sax, the latter from Luigi Cinque, then begins hinting at the Balkans and even Indonesia. By the time Raiz's soulful vocals and the chanting women of Bnet Houaryat have done their trick, you know you're in for something different and very original. The title track then brings in Badara Seck's Senegalese vocals, Djivan Gasparyan's duduk, Cinque's Neapolitan tammorra drum and Carlo Mariani's launeddas pipes, all the while it skips from sultry to ethno to jazz and back. Then you're off into Gnawa territory on Niente Senza 'E Te, the Arabic/ Andalusian vocal of Emil Zrihan on Radiobaladid , and Samathi which brings in India's Mangla Tiwari over a pulsating marimba/ duduk groove. And ever onwards. If that all sound like a recipe for disaster, you'd be be very, very wrong. It's staggeringly well integrated and arranged through all its different layers and levels, completely stopping our work in its tracks here, and hardly leaving the player for days as we uncovered more and more depths. Wow! - Ian Anderson, fRoots

From the press release:
Imagine an ideal place that encourages artistic creative research. Where an artist can nurture his creativity and recount his experiences. A place where one can "play" a game of cards and "deal out" fantastic musical motifs. A shelter where one can find a moment of repose from his inner most pain and prepare his luggage for an imaginary journey into the future. Imagine looking down from an observatory and following an emotional path.

This ideal place is universally considered out of reach but in reality exists. It is not a sanctuary but simply .... the bar. Whether it be a literary cafe, pub or bistro;  It is an irreverent spot where the universe inter crosses.  Where love, people, lives and stories of presumed distances and differences pass, amalgamate and intermingle.  As Luigi Cinque says " can imagine TANGERINE CAFE  and feel the music any way you want.  What counts is your way of seeing it ...a "fontier" bar, an open-air cafe set-up amidst ramshackle moderinty... aware that the universe is not just a vast mechanism but rather a vast thought."

Musical forms such as symphonic suites and cathartic cycles, unexpected and explosive jazz improvisations juxtaposed with oriental sonorities, classical melodies accompanied by electronic rhythms and enrapturing and hypnotising crescendo-type boleros are performed by some of the most important names in contemporary world music: the voices of RAIZ, EMIL ZRIHAN and BADARA SECK,  JIVAN GASPARYAN (douduk) and PAOLO FRESU (trumpet),  DANILO REA (piano) and  ENZO PIETROPAOLI (double-bass).

This mysterious cohesion of musical styles and forms is woven together by the thin sonorous thread of LUIGI CINQUE's sax, a sort of "pied piper" with one destination in mind: the Mediterranean, seen in a new and more profound way. It is viewed with less geographic importance and is much closer and easier to reach from this cafe: "...all you have to do is tune into the rhythm and the memory of your heart and look Southwards.  Turn your gaze towards the horizon and what you¹ll see is the old chipped sign hanging down from the TANGERINE CAFE. You can see it from any northern point ...sometimes it appears unexpectedly."

At first glance, TANGERINE CAFE resembles a tavern found in the periphery of the outermost periphery of a village, in the periphery of the world, in the periphery of the cosmos. However, upon closer examination, it reveals a spiritual and magical door that opens up thousands of fears and suggestions. One must courageously cross this threshold in order to taste the special musical infusion that the TANGERINE CAFE has to offer. YOU ARE FREE TO ENTER BUT YOU WILL LEAVE A CHANGED PERSON.     

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