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Oreka Tx Oreka Tx
Nömadak Tx (World Village (WV))

"...a brilliant project - more the spiritual and musical heir to Junkera's Maren... the duo visit with nomad musicians in a variety of countries ­ Mongolia, India, Morocco, a Western Saharan refugee camp in Algeria, and Scandinavia and the result is an unforgettable visual and musical experience, somewhere between Baraka, Latcho Drom, and Buena Vista Social Club. In their travels, they create txalapartak (the plural form) out of ice, stone and wood, showing the many possibilities of their ancient instrument. In doing so, they form global links of friendship between small and marginalized peoples. Oreka TX meet with and perform with a diverse array of musicians, many with traditions as old and unknowable as that of the txalaparta itself. Basque instruments such as the alboka mix with singers and musicians of many lands." - David Cox, RootsWorld - NOTE: this is the single CD US release (no extra CD or DVD) - Listen

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