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Nicolae Gutsa
The Greatest Living Gypsy Voice

Everyone I have ever played this CD for agrees with me: the title is no over-statement. This is really one of the great Roma voices. This recording presents it with a rough and ready ensemble including the great accordionist Marius Ghorge, violinist Ion Trifol and a band of clarinet, guitars and keyboards.

Pale amende...
De cind te...
Daca n as avea copii

"The Greatest Living Gypsy Voice is a pretty audacious title, but Nicolae Gutsa has reason to believe the claim can stick. Gutsa is a gutsy singer, a real fire-in-the-belly sort of performer who is capable of carrying it over to a recording. He's a Romanian born Rrom from a mining city in Transylvania, and his voice seems to bridge the gap between rural folk-Gypsy music and a more jazzy, urban sound. In fact, some of the cuts could easily be right out of the Django Reinhardt book, with Gutsa passing out staccato lines at a speed even Django would envy. His adamantly modern approach is typified in his band, headed by accordionist Marius Gheorge, that blends reeds, violin and electric guitar into a hearty sometimes hyper sound that never enervates the vocal delivery. At one point they even have the audacity to drive into a rumba and it is brilliant! Poetic, passionate and contemporary; Gutsa certainly deserves to be applauded as one of the greatest." - RootsWorld

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