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Sekou 'Bembeya' Diabaté
Guitar Fö (World Village)

Bala Koura
Dabia Babe

Afropop Worldwide says: "Sekou 'Bembeya' Diabaté, also known as 'Diamond Fingers' is a legend of West African guitar. As the lead guitarist for Bembeya Jazz, he helped to pioneer a movement of modern Manding dance music that moved the musical inspiration and lyrical eloquence of the Manding griot tradition onto the dancefloors and airwaves of young West African capital cities."

Press from the record label:
Sekou "Bembeya" Diabaté, also known as "Diamond Fingers," is a legend of West African guitar. As lead guitarist and co-founder of Bembeya Jazz, Diabaté and his band brought the eloquent music of the Mandingo griot tradition onto the dancefloors and airwaves of West Africa. When dance bands went into decline in the 1980s, Diabaté began to work as a soloist. His amazing guitar work has influenced and inspired all the guitarists on the African continent. For this album, Diabaté has put together brilliant re-readings of his solo favorites, along with some classics from Bembeya Jazz. Guitar Fö is a lesson in African swing.

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