Paban Das Baul & Jonny Wartel
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Paban Das Baul & Jonny Wartel
Paban Das Baul & Jonny Wartel

This is how to "do fusion." The Bengali and the Swede collude, collide and compose a unique and somtimes shocking new music, an east-meets-north variant that is sometimes brilliant, occasionally frustrating, but absolutley never boring.

fRoots' Ian Anderson calls it "Seriously impressive." I agree.

Rai Bandona
Bashi tui bajhis na
Dao ma makhan noni
"...a spontaneous session, producing 9 varied pieces, that is on this CD in its entirety. There's barely a note out of place, even though some participants had never encountered Paban's music before... Even when they build up to their densest wall of sound, they never seem to trip over each other. Seriously impressive." - Ian Anderson

"Hence, my utter respect for the musicianship involved in their completely sympathetic renderings of these nine varied and beautifully performed pieces. It's not for those looking for a folk connection, as it tends towards all out jazz energy, but it nonetheless proves the powerful force that music can be in bridging the otherwise mundane gaps of language and geography." - CF, RootsWorld

Wartel describes the experience:
cd cover Paban Das is Baul… To be Baul is to be crazed by the wind…The Bauls lives in West- and East- Bengal. I met Paban in the beginning of the 80´s in Paris more or less by chance… A close friendship developed and soon I found myself in India travelling the West-Bengal with Paban.

Through Paban, I got to know other Bauls and together we played at festivals, in villages, at friends homes, in rich homes in Calcutta, in different ashrams, on the streets, on the roof tops of busses in full speed etc.etc. Always playing… always on the road… never any plans that couldn´t be changed by the wind.

I did see a plan and that was to make a recording with Paban where his and my music would meet. Due to the budget it had to be an album without any other musicians involved…But, like all plans with Paban our plans were changed and we spontaneously invited them after all…(they had never heard about Baul before). We had little time so we started recording on the first note…and everything we recorded is now released on this CD…an uncensored document of east meeting west …

I am very happy with the results and eager to continue our journey. New plans are being made…. which we will naturally not follow… meanwhile the wind is growing stronger. - Jonny Wartel

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