Anders Norudde / Med hull och hå
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Anders Norudde (Giga, Sweden)
Med hull och hå (Hook, line and sinker)

One of the founding members of the swedish supergroup Hedningarna returns to his roots on this rich, all-acoustic recording with two well repected Swedish compadres.

Anders Norudde (fiddle, bagpipe, mora-harp) with Leo Svensson (cello) and Göran Freddy Fredriksson (bouzouki) .

Lina pa mosen
Halv tva

"... The feeling of the record is traditional, enforcing the drone-like qualities of the Northern heritage, although there is also a strong dancing undertone to the melodies, many polskas as well as a quadrille and a waltz. The record works well as a whole and it is difficult to single out pieces, even though there are some Norudde originals amongst all the traditional ones. This is a record that never sounds stifled or studied, but reveals a joyful spirit and a deep affection for its material. For fans of the Northern tradition and newcomers alike." - Nondas Kitsos, RootsWorld (Read the complete review)

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