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Most of our CDs have been imported from Europe or Asia. They are not all shrink-wrapped, and I am not going to con you by wrapping them here just to make you think they have been sterilized in America. I guarantee that the CDs and the contents are all brand new and in perfect condition. Whenever I can, I use recycled shipping materials. They may not look as pretty on the outside, but they save money and keep the trash dumps a little bit emptier.
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  New titles

- Michio
(cdRoots# gal-zamb)
The true globalista: a guitarist born in Germany of Japanese ancestry presents bulerías, tangos and soleás (with vocals on some songs by Alicia Carrasco). The pedigree is surprising, the music is wonderful.

- Yayo Caceres
(cdRoots# gal-yayo)
Argentine composer, accordionist and guitarist really challenges your preconceptions about chamame, tango and other folkloric traditions with a recording that is part roots, part avant art music and always surprising.

Musica para minivelas
- German Diaz
(cdRoots# gal-x132)

Son, sones y soniquetes
- Viguela
(cdRoots# gal-viguela)
Vigüela plays music from El Carpio del Tajo (Toledo) with en emphasis on the vocal traditions. On their third release, they put together a variety of traditional songs, songs from Castilla la Mancha and Extremadura. On one side they present original themes, but also show a special interest in work songs thet were used in the fields, all played with great rhythmic variety. They carry the richness of the local melismatic singing, accompained in a light instrumental arrangement, but with technical skill and a rich arrangements.

- Psalite, Lidia Pujol, Miquel Gil
(cdRoots# gal-terregada)
The ensemble Psàlite join Catalan vocalists Lídia Pujol and Miquel Gil in a powerful exploration of the Spanish voice, lightly accompanied. The songs are traditional, the execution artful, the overall effect is chilling and gorgeous.

eStar Alegre
- Vicente Soto
(cdRoots# gal-soto05)
The Spanish singer performs his own interpretations of alegrías, bulerías and tangos, what he calls 'the most extroverted side of flamenco.'

Concierto Aniversario
- Jamie Roos
(cdRoots# gal-roos)
A live concert performance by the well-known Uraguayan songwriter and musician merges the traditional styles of candombe, tango, murga and milonga with nuevo cancion and rock.

Unima Verse
- Rarefolk
(cdRoots# gal-rarefolk)
The third recording by this Spanish band features a world-y mix of Asian, African, Mediterranean and other music in a folk-jazz-pop mix.

Cantes Del Pueblo
- Various Spanish Artists
(cdRoots# gal-pueblo)
Musica tradicional española' presents recordings made all over Spain in the 1970s that document the country's folk music in the pre-folk-revival period.

Cor de Porc
- L'ham de Foc
(cdRoots# gal-porc)
The third recording by this Spanish band finds them deeply immersed in the music of Greece, the Balkans and the Adriatic.

Pani Sindhu
- Dotschy Reinhardt
(cdRoots# gal-panisindhu)
Gypsy singer and songwriter and one of the many heirs to the Django legend. She is working in her music to bridge the gap between contemporary music and the heritage of the Roma (Gypsy) and Sinti people. She moves from jazz and cabaret music to Brazilian, Portuguese and traditional Indian music with ease. It's a unique take on the Gypsy tradition as it filters through a global culture.

- Jewdyssee
(cdRoots# gal-pan50000)
Jewdyssee celebrates a Yiddish way of life for the 21st century! This music is a crossroads of east and west, fusing the sounds of the Middle East and the Eastern Block to blend klezmer, swing, club, and electronica. Jewish traditional music, children's songs, and Yiddish melodies get a fresh new look and a whole lot of attitude

- Dúmbala Canalla
(cdRoots# gal-pae0061)
A wild and rambuctious band, this Barcelona-based band combines the traditional music of the Balkans with traditional Catalan music, swing and klezmer, the music of the Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews. The present a raucous festival music full of rich, often circus-like melodies.

- Miquel Gil
(cdRoots# gal-organic)
After his long career as a musician in legendary bands like Al Tall or Terminal Sur, the Valencian singer Miquel Gil has released his second solo album, combining Mediterranean music with ethnic rock and other contemporary twists. This is powerful vocal work from Spain.

Músicas Populares de la Guerra Civil
- Brigada Bravo and Díaz
(cdRoots# gal-nube1009)
Antonio Bravo (guitars and live looping) and Germán Díaz (zanfona, caja de música): Music, like all art, is not a question of numbers or tools, but of talent. If one is a virtuoso of the instrument - and Bravo and Diaz certainly are, it is a great start, but only a start. More than virtuosity is the capacity to transmit emotion, to evoke feelings with notes. To use traditional melodies to elaborate on sophisticated variations, perceive pathways between the cult and the popular. Bravo and Diaz have chosen a popular Song Book of the Spanish Civil War to use as a departure point to a more modern work. In jazz, that "classical" music of XX Century, they have recreated melodic schemes of a once mythical time to make sounds both unexpected and new.

Tren directe
- Andana
(cdRoots# gal-andana)
A hard-rocking young Catalan folk band from from Spain.

- Al Andaluz Project
(cdRoots# gal-059)
Al Andaluz Project presents the collaboration of Muslims, Jews, and Christians in the medieval kingdom Al Andalus on the Iberian peninsula, including styles and cultures that were definitely influenced by the cultural achievements of this epoch. On this recording they include songs from the ancient Occitan region of southern France alongside those from the Sephardic and Arab-Andalusian tradition. Featured artists on this recording include Michael Popp: ud, saz, dilruba, fidel, tar - Sigi Hausen: vocals/ Iman Kandoussi: vocals - Ernst Schwindl: hurdy gurdy, nyckelharpa, harmonium - Aziz Samsaoui: quanun - Jota Martinez: hurdy-gurdy, citola, lavta and Sascha Gotowtschikow: percussion

Música i cants sefardís d'Orient i Occident
- Aman Aman
(cdRoots# gal-aman)
Mara Aranda and Efrén López of the well-received Spanish ensemble L'ham de Foc have brought together a number of musicians to explore Sephardic music under the name of Amán Amán. They maintain their forward vision on these tracks, as they traverse Sephardic turf in Greece, Turkey, the Balkans and Spain.

- Carmen Souza
(cdRoots# gal-053)
Based in Portugal, Souza is one of the leading new voices from the Cape Verdean tradition. nspired by favorite Cape Verdean dish "Kachupada," which — with its wide variety of ingredients and spices, reflects the multiplicity of influences in Carmen Souza's music. And the band is stellar: Theo Pas'cal: bass, percussions, guitars, backing vocals; Mauricio Zottarelli: drums; Jonathan Idiagbonya: upright piano; Nelson Oliveira: backing vocals, bongos. This, her fourth studio album, features a few traditional settings, some great originals, and new cover versions of the jazz standards "Donna Lee" and "My Favourite Things." It's bright and lively and highly recommended.

- Nim Sofyan
(cdRoots# yyy-sofyan)
Agora (Greek for market place) stands for Vienna as a city of music, where day by day musicians from very different countries create a new, common language of music. Six accomplished, versatile instrumentalists build bridges with their music. A basic element of the repertoire are songs from Turkey and Greece that Istanbul born singer and guitarist Alp Bora grew up with. In sophisticated arrangements and original compositions Paul Dangl and Johann Öttl weave this material to a harmonious stylistic whole using in many musical dialects. Listen

Navidad traditional Espanola
- Various artists - Spain
(cdRoots# gal-navidad)
Colección de Villancicos y otros Cantos Populares Navideños

Flamenco Entre Amigos
- Miguel Iven
(cdRoots# gal-mivan)
The flamenco guitarist is joined by guest musicians who help him explore the possibilities: Percusion, palmas, violin, altosax, castañuelas, viola cello and voices The guitar still remains the hub and physical centre of the compositions. The guest musicians - first and foremost Conny Sommer with his keen sense for delicate and pushing rhythms - blend in harmoniously. Iven's strength is to pull simplicity from the complex, his goal being good music, not flash and fire note-hunting, so he manages the balancing act between Flamenco traditions and modern influences.

Cante Minero y de Levante
- various flamenco
(cdRoots# gal-minero)
Miner's songs, traditional flamenco singing from the mines of Levant, Spain includes old fandangos, malagueñas, rondeñas, javeras, verdiales, cartageneras, tarantas, mineras, fandango minero, levantica and murciana.

- Marful
(cdRoots# gal-marful)
This Galician folk band blends in a lot of different elements to create their debut recording - tangos, habaneras, pasadobles, jazz and the twist all find their way into this merging of rural roots and urban sensibility. The ensemble is fronted by vocalist Ugia Pedreira, with Pedro Pascual (diatonic accordion), Pablo Pascual (bass clarinet) and Marcos Teira (guitar). They present the music of Galicia in a whole new light, accompanied by Luis Alberto Rodriguez (percussion) and Xacobe Martinez (acoustic bass).

- L'ham de foc
(cdRoots# gal-lhamu)

Cancion Llorada
- La Chicana
(cdRoots# gal-lachic06)
This Argentine ensemble, a vanguard of the new 'new tango,' is a house favorite at cdRoots. Canción Llorada is part retrospective, part compilation. It includes unreleased tracks as well as songs fro their previous recordings. Even if you already have their wonderful Tango Agazapado, this one is a must-have.

- Miquel Gil
(cdRoots# gal-gil-kata)
On Kata this Valencian singer discovers the geological layers of Levante, Andalucía, Mallorca and Catalunya, travelling over these countries and the Spanish Mediterranean seaside to create a unique and personal sound. Rough of voice, but elegant in execution, this recording is one of the more important to come from Spain in 2004.

- Miguel Gil
(cdRoots# gal-gileix)
Miquel Gil goes on researching new textures, colors and ways to sing the lyrics written by young poets in Catalan language. This trip includes texts by Enric Casasses, Manel Rodríguez Castelló, Feliu Ventura. Guest musicians include Manel Camp, Joan Garriga, David Pastor, Borja Penalba..., and of course Gil's regular band.

En Concert (CD and DVD)
- Miquel Gil with Savinna Yannatou
(cdRoots# gal-gil07)
An epic event: the meeting of two great European singers, and backed by an incredible ensemble made of Primavera en Salonico and Orqestra Arabe de Barcelona. CD and DVD (PAL format, playable on computers and most DVD players). Highly recommended.

- La Orquestina del Fabirol
(cdRoots# gal-fabirol06)
The 2005 release by this unique band from Aragon, Spain, that inhabits a previous century in both its source material and its instrumentation. the use instruments both modern and ancient, including hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes (gaita de boto), accordion, some unusual regional percussion and reed instruments (chiflo and fabirol), guitars, mandolins, mandolas, all accented by great singing. This is a 'children's recording' of sorts, with a light and airy feeling but not much in the way of the sugary whining we have come to expect from the genre. Mostly it is lively, Aragonese period music, marvelously played, with wit, spirit and great musicianship.

- La Orquestina del Fabirol
(cdRoots# gal-fabirol)
A unique ensemble dedicated to the modern music of Aragon, Spain, circa 1920. This presentation of dance hall tunes and folk dances is charming, witty and full of refined energy. They use all manner of tools in this endeavor: hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes (gaita de boto), accordion, some unusual regional percussion and reed instruments (chiflo and fabirol), guitars, mandolins, mandolas, all accented by great singing.

Misa Criolla
- Ensemble Tierra et al
(cdRoots# gal-criolla)
Ricardo Cabrera, Ensemble Tierra and members of the Philharmonic String Octet Berlin present a Latin American interpretation of the Catholic mass

Mar de Fondo
- Contradanza
(cdRoots# gal-contradanza)
The first recording by the Sevillian ensemble seeks to create new folk from Andalusia, balancing their new outlook with respectful approaches to the popular song book and the creative impulse.

- Contradanza
(cdRoots# gal-contrad2)
This crew of songwriters and singers comes from Andalucía, and while they certain pay homage to the familiar roots, they are not traditionalists and they spike their southern sound with a global ambiance

- La Chicana
(cdRoots# gal-chicana07)
This Argentine ensemble continues breaking the aesthetic barriers of the vocal tango in 17 songs that span Latin American roots and reframe the metaphysical and philosophical dimension of the tango. The voice of Dolores Solá, more and more seductive, and the compositions of the ingenious and poetic Acho Estol take a turn towards a darker and eclectic strength.

12 Postales
- La Camorra
(cdRoots# gal-camora12)
The Argentine group takes a step away from Piazzolla this time, with a set of their own compositions, that moves between the classic music of cámara, jazz and of course, the omnipresent tango.

- Natas Mirkovic and Nenad Vasilic
(cdRoots# gal-bay8)
Unique interpretations of famous Yugoslavian pop/rock classics from '70s and '80s, featuring solo voice and double bass by Bosnian singer Natas Mirkovic´ and Serbian bassist Nenad Vasilic.

Al sol de la hierba
- Barahunda
(cdRoots# gal-barahunda1)
From Spain, their debut recording: Sephardic roots and a modern flair combine in an acoustic exploration of the ancient and the new. Helena de Alfonso: vocals, Manuel Carro: bagpipes and flutes, Miguel Casado - strings, José Luis Escribano: percussion, Jota Martínez: zanfona (hurdy-gurdy). Guest artists include Javier Paxariño, Quique Almendros and Jaime Muñoz (of La Musgaña); Javier Palancar and Rafa Martín (of La Bruja Gata); Pablo Pascual and Pedro Pascual (collaborators with Xosé Manuel Budiño).

- Al Andaluz Project
(cdRoots# gal-andaluz2)
The Al Andaluz Project weds the main female voices fromEnsemble Estampie (Sigrid Hausen), Aman Aman and L'Ham de Foc (Mara Aranda), together with Iman Kandoussi (from Morocco) to a tapestry of lush acoustic instrumentation evocative of the Iberian Middle Ages. Al-Maraya is the Al Andaluz Project's second CD.

Deus et diabolus
- Al Andaluz Project
(cdRoots# gal-andaluz)
The Spanish/Sephardic musicians of L'ham de Foc join Estampie, a German group known for its dedication to medieval music, in a recording made at the Dominican monastery of La Cartuja de Cazalla, near Sevilla and explore medieval Sephardic, Arabic, and Christian traditions.

...Canta a Diamantina Rodriguez
- Anabel Santiago
(cdRoots# gal-anabel)
This young Spanish folk singer from Asturias takes on the daunting challenge of singing the works of the octogenarian tonada singer Diamantina Rodríguez, accompanied by jazz pianist Jacobo de Miguel, accompanied by guitars, button accordion and some remarkable percussionists. The CD is produced by Lee Wolfe (Asturiana Mining Company) and provides a powerful crossover that takes this music back to its folk roots.

Penas y Alegrias
- Aljibe
(cdRoots# gal-aljibe)
The veteran six piece Castillian band, joined by a group of percusionists, explores the mediterranean from both sides

Radio Beirut: Sounds from the 21st Century
- Various
(cdRoots# gal-051)
Radio Beirut presents some of the most best and most innovative Lebanese roots and pop artists of the last few years. It is a scene reflecting what Beirut has always been: a multilayered cosmos where East meets West, where Occident becomes Orient. Arabian melodies and voice lines blend easliy with rock, jazz and electric beats. Singer-songwriters play the guitar and the piano just as expertly as their traditional instruments like oud or violin. New electronics and traditional percussion sit side by side. The compilation proudly presents some of the best-known names from a new generation of musicians.

Abuab Al Andalus: Live In Munchen 2011
- Al Andaluz Project
(cdRoots# gal-050)
On their first live CD+DVD, the Al Andaluz Project embarks on a journey through Islamic, Sephardic, and Christian folk songs. Artists include Michael Popp: ud, saz, dilruba, fidel, tar; Sigi Hausen: vocals/ Iman Kandoussi: vocals; Ernst Schwindl: hurdy gurdy; and more. (DVD is PAL, 16:9 (Widescreen), Color, German w/ English Subtitles. Will play on most computers and newer DVD players)

Eterno Retorno
- Dazkarieh
$special order16.99
(cdRoots# gal-052)
This is the sixth studio album from Dazkarieh. The band represents Portuguese alternative rock and experimental folk, and is one of the leading new folk bands in the country, having successfully toured in Europe. Dazkarieh combines familiar instruments such as drums and acoustic guitar with traditional Portuguese instruments such as cavaquinho, bragues, adufe, and bagpipes. While inspired by traditional music, this album features entirely original compositions by Vasco Ribeiro and Joana Negrhão. Featured Artists - Vasco Ribeiro Casais: nyckelharpa, bouzouki, braguesa, Portuguese bagpipes, programming/Joana Negrhão: vocals, adufe, pandeireta/Rui Rodrigues: cavaquinho, guitar/Miugel Casais: drums

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