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Tren directe (Galileo / Sonifolk)

This young Catalan (Spain) band incorporates rock, folk, bluegrass and other influences into an integrated, thoughtful and fun collaboration of cultures.

Tren Direte
Na Cecilia

Simone Lambregts: electric violin
Marc del Pino: diatonic accordion
Quim Soler: drums
Manel Vega: bass
Josep Traver: guitars

Liner notes are in Catalan.

the record label says:
Moving away from the momentary fashion, the music of Andana does not come from a Barcelonian 'zona bastarda' , butrather, from a 'Gràcia Territori Sonor.' Its assignment is a new interpretation of the folk music of the Catalan Countries: pieces of dance and songs of the oral tradition, the Popular Song book of Catalunya, the Balearic Islands, and also original composition. They include elements of Blue Grass, dances of of Ireland and Scotland, and like soolid rockers , they to the necessity of the members of Andana to extend the traditional repertoire and to demonstrate the coexistence of all these styles.

The goal in the production of the disc: to reflect the hard, direct and explosive sound they needed while maintianing a 'folk' character. Directe train conserves the joy of the dance of the Festa Major, the excitation of the festive rituals, and the romantic expression of myths and the legend that comprise the collective culture.

They use the old image of the train as a metaphor of the trip, movement, speed and changes. Only that in 2003 that paradigmático train is transformed into meter or 'tren de Cercanías.' The member sof the band are also former or current memebrs of many other ensembles: Les Violines, Primera Nota, El Pont d´Arcalís, Gerard Quintana i Jordi Batiste, El Último de la Fila, Raimon, Clau de Lluna, Sopa de Cabra, Companyia Elèctrica Dharma.

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