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2003 release now available: Waltz Rromano

cd cover Earth-Wheel-Sky Band
Rroma Art

This band of musicians played with the violin virtuoso Felix Lajko before moving off on their own. One of the first projects of the Roma musicians in Vojvodina, Rroma Art is, as the band puts it, "a sublimation of all styles of music playing of the Roma in the world." This is simply one of the best new Roma recordings I have heard in a long time, full of both essential, gritty roots and an open, almost erudite sense of modernity and wit. - CF

"A gypsy heart I have, and you better have a look..." Vince Olah, the band's leader.

"Trust your heart, at least for a moment, for we are all Gypsies at heart". Boris Kovacs

Rroma Adagio
Calo Trajo
Chai Shukarie
Chochec (with Boban Markovic)

Vince Olah: guitar and violin
Varga Karlo: violin
Robert Ambrus: percussion
Michael Kurina: cimbalom
Frenc Kurina: double bass

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