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cd cover Sancto Ianne
Scapula' (FolkClub Ethnosuoni)

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A Muntagna

Originating in the South of Italy and formed in 1995, the ensemble brings together musicians from various musical crosscurrents, all passionate about Italian traditional music. The formation is acoustic, with Ciro Maria Schettino (guitar, violin, flute and mandoloncelle, vocals), Alfonso Coviello (tammorre [large Italian tambourine], tamburella, timpano and other percussion), and Gianni Principe (lead vocals and castenets). The group creates popular songs using the Italian traditional instruments, rich in percussion, while adding some other regional percussion (djembe, darbouka) to create its own compositions.

"They offer tales of class oppression, injustice, famine and popular resistance that speak to the notorious plutocracy of the present as easily as they might to any antecedent authoritarian regime. Then when the time is right, and closing with a nod to their folk inspiration, Sancto Ianne uncorks fresh interpretations of two traditional songs, the fuzzy ethereal vocals and modal phrasing of "A Muntevergine," and a lively, liberating "Italiella." Sancto Ianne's energetic essay of the latter summons up the dashing, lifelong revolutionary spirit of Garibaldi and the Risorgimento, a time whose restless egalitarian spirit, clacking castanets and thundering tammorre in hand, is here and now, once more abroad." - Michael Stone, RootsWorld

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