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Pìvari Trio
Passa ripassa: Canti e balli del Frignano (FolkClub Ethnosuoni ES 5328)

This is the debut recording of a band devoted to studying the true roots of Apennine popular music. This trio is composed of musicians who have been working for a long time, researching and performing the traditional music of the region around Modena. The recording is a straight-ahead performance from the tradition, played with energy and gusto, interspersed with occasional field recordings of the old players.

Valzer dell'ottocento
Polca antica

The band says about this work:
As it is often with the degree thesis, Giuliano Biolchini's excellent work on the songs and dances of the Frignano area - realised together with Roberto Leydi - lay forgotten on some dusty shelf inside the University of Bolonia buildings. Our presence at the local peasant fairs, Giuliano's friendship, and our desire to realise a music work that started from a philologically faultless text, made us take up this recording with great enthusiasm and interest.

We selected the tunes - among the very many of Biolchini's collection - according to two different but complementary focal points. On the one hand we considered the instrumental repertoire and were struck by the elegance and variety of the tunes; on the other hand we selected the songs characterised by sad or bloody plots and tried to leave aside the most popular ones and concentrate on those strictly rooted in the Frignano area.

What interested and amused us most was of course to arrange the tunes: the choice of the instruments, the backing vocals, the time. Plenty of instruments available allowed us to base our work also on the colourfulness and richness of the sounds, without losing a proper correctness. The try we did to unite Biolchini's punctual work and the variety of the tuneswe chose is a serious as well as playful attempt to free a repertoire from the threatening oblivion.

We hope the same feeling will accompany us during the wide multiannual project at the side of the phono-libraries of Pavullo, Nonantola and Carpi, which is a trilogy devoted to the various repertoires of the whole Province of Modena and adjacent areas, this being the first CD. - Pìvari Trio

The musicians: