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He's of my favorite songwriters, composers, musicans and singers, and one of my earliest musical passions from beyond my own shores. With the absolutely essential Malicorne, in his duo work with Marie Yacoub, in his solo work for the last decade and now in collaboration with Sylvie Berger, Gabriel Yacoub has forged new paths for French music, always holding true to his roots but never hesitating to expand, explore or explode the myth of tradition in the furtherance of his art. I cannot give a higher recommendation for music, truly 'new music from ancient roots.' - Cliff Furnald

Listen to some of the songs composed and performed by Gabriel Yacoub and Malicorne, and with Sylvie Berger

(audio (p) © Gabriel Yacoub, used with the express permission of the author and record company)

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I hope to have more of Gabriel Yacoub and Malicorne's available CDs in stock very soon, including new compilations and re-editions of some of the classics, plus new recordings being made by Yacoub, Sylvie Berger and their musical family.
Check this list for current availability.

The Simple Things We Said
- Gabriel Yacoub
(cdRoots# pcd-yacoub1)
A collection of songs, including 4 in English, some old and some new, plus some previously unreleased. All are new recordings made in Paris in 2001. The album is all acoustic.

- Malicorne
$sold out
(cdRoots# elf-vox)
A collection of the vocal works of this seminal French folk-rock ensemble

je vois venir (2 CDs)
- Gabriel Yacoub
(cdRoots# elf-venir)
The 2004 release of a live recording on 2 CDs. Recorded live at the Théâtre de Cornouaille in Quimper, January 17th and 18th 2003, the album features the whole concert, no tricks! The recording features all new arrangements for this unique ensemble, with unreleased pieces, old memories, rarities, and, as the band says, the pleasure of playing and living together. That joy exudes through every minute of this performance.

l'extraordinaire tour de france...
- Malicorne
$sold out
(cdRoots# elf-tour)
The full title was "l'Extraordinaire Tour de France d'Adélard Rousseau dit Nivernais la Clef des Cœurs, Compagnon Charpentier du Devoir" and the grand title matches the grand concept of this 1978 recording by what had become France's most important roots-rock/progressive rock band, at the height of their talents. Power and energy, elegance and grace were all in abundance, and the overall sound was cinematic in nature. This is often cited as Malicorne's greatest recording, and while I have my personal favorites from later in their discography, I can't argue with the accolades this one has garnered over the last 2 and a half decades.

En Public
- Malicorne
(cdRoots# elf-public)

la polonaise
- Cie Montanaro
(cdRoots# elf-polan)
The artists say: 'The songs here describe the landscapes of Poland, the forests and the lakes, the town of Katowice, what one sees from the window on a train, the rumours of the streets, the heat in the homes these songs also describe inner landscapes, feelings, surges, restraints, feeding a shared but impossible love la polonaise unveils a rare aspect of Miquéu Montanaro's art, writer, composer and singer, for a sensitive and fine work, wonderfully served by Sylvie Berger and the production work of alchemist Gabriel Yacoub.' Other musicians include Yannick Hardouin (piano, bass), François Heim (diatonic accordion), Daniel Malavergne (tuba), Miquèu Montanaro (vocals, whistles, chromatic accordion) and Frédéric Paris (clarinet).

La Nonchalante
- Emmanuel Pariselle
(cdRoots# elf-pari1)
la bergere accordionist steps to the front, joined by his partners in the trio, Silvie Berger and Julien Biget, plus a few friends, for a unique recording of new music.

- La Bergere
(cdRoots# elf-ouvarosa)
The French singer Sylvie Berger and her ensemble, La Bergère, present a beautuful collection of original and traditional songs, all elegantly produced by Gabriel Yacoub (who also participates as musician and singer on a few tracks).

Malicorne 4
- Malicorne
(cdRoots# elf-malicorne4)
Also know as "Nous sommes chanteurs de Sornettes" originally released on SONY

Malicorne 2
- Malicorne
(cdRoots# elf-malicorne2)
also known under the informal title 'Le Mariage Anglais'

Malicorne 1
- Malicorne
(cdRoots# elf-malicorne1)
also known under the title 'Colin'

- Malicorne
(cdRoots# elf-legende)
Légende is a 15 track compilation that covers the second decade of this seminal French ensemble, from 4 of their most acclaimed recordings, a record of the band at its artistic heights.

chant de guerre
- John Delvarre
(cdRoots# elf-guerre)
The debut recording by a marvelous French champion of la nouvelle chanson française, accompanied by a great cast including Gabriel Yacoub (who also produced), Yannick Hardouin, Sylvie Berger and others.

- Bastien Lucas
(cdRoots# elf-essai)
The French singer, composer and musician is joined by a wonderful group opf musicians to present a strong recording of new French song. Musicians include Gabriel Yacoub, Aurélie Dorzée, Yannick Hardouin, Julien Biget and Sylvie Berger. Listen to "Sans rancune" and "Autant pour moi"

de la nature des choses
- Gabriel Yacoub
(cdRoots# elf-choses)
It took seven years for this French artist to compose and record an all new studio work, but the wait is always worth it when you have an artist of such high caliber. Joined by a wonderful ensemble (including Gilles Chabenat, Yannick Hardouin, Julien Biget and many more), his voice is surrounded by deep folk roots and modern sounds, all to the service of 14 rich and marvelous songs. As you might suspect from this description, it comes highly recommended!


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