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Dino Saluzzi Trio Responsorium

Dino Saluzzi : bandoneon / Palle Danielsson : double-bass / JosÚ Maria Saluzzi : acoustic guitar

"Responsorium" begins where the critically praised "CitÚ de la Musique" left off, but with the great Argentinian bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi and his guitar playing son JosÚ now joined by one of the seminal figures of European modern jazz, Swedish bassist Palle Danielsson. The harmony is wider with Danielsson on board, and all three players seem to have more room to move inside the structures of Dino's compositions, embellishing the atmospheres of his songs, so full of yearning and sadness and hope.

"Responsorium finds Saluzzi in an intimate trio with the mellow guitar of his son, JosÚ, and the expert pulsating bass of jazzer Palle Danielsson. Thoughtful and exploratory, the nine tracks recall both the audacious "tango nuevo" of minimalist Eduardo Rovira and the sadder side of 'criollo' roots music. Though often regarded as abstract and cerebral, Saluzzi is led by feeling. ... Saluzzi's tangos are sequences of perfect fragments held together by a bandoneon closer to the church organ than the barrel organs of proto-tango. For some he is the officiating high priest of new tango, but while arguably the best act around, this still sounds more like a gorgeous preamble than the final word." - Chris Moss, Songlines

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