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Steve Tibbetts
A Man About A Horse

Steve Tibbetts : guitars, percussion
Marc Anderson : percussion
Marcus Wise : percussion
Jim Anton : bass

Press info:
First ECM album in eight years from the innovative Minnesota-based guitarist and sound-explorer. As always with Tibbetts, the music is densely layered - "The more you listen, the more you hear" - and also attractive, beguiling. Steve Tibbetts's music straddles several idioms. The improvisational impulse comes from jazz, the sound colours from rock and world folklore. The enveloping texture and hypnotic quality would now be characterised as "ambient", although Steve's musical directions were set long before the term was coined.

"Horse is a deeply layered music that can seem dauntingly opaque or hopelessly unmemorizable. Yet, for the same reason it refuses to traffic in known musical parlance of any kind, being a kind of ultimate cliché avoidance assignment, by definition avant-garde, it is also at the same time luminous and even airy. It is a music that cannot resolve nor conform to expectations and does not aspire to. Welcome to the thoroughly original, iceberg of paradox that is the music of Steve Tibbetts." - Steve Taylor, Hollow Ear (Read his complete and extensive piece about Tibbetts' work)

"Brilliant, individual music-making." - Peter Marsh, BBC Online

"The blend of contemplation and catharsis is pretty much what you want and expect from Tibbetts. He calls it 'post-modern neo-primitivism' with tongue presumably in cheek." - Jon Andrews, Downbeat

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