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Portuguese musicians Vasco Ribeiro Casais, Filipe Neves, Hugo Fernandes, Marie Beatriz Lucio and Filipe Duarte have been touring the country, finding new routes for the old songs, for many years, but this 2002 release is their first official recording, and it is a welcome addition to the fado-heavy Portuguese music scene we have here in America.

This unique Portuguese ensemble merges folk roots with modern sensibility, a touch of the middle-east and excellent musicianship, fueled by high powered vocals, bouzouki, guitar, accordion, violins, bagpipes, percussion, flutes, hurdy-gurdy, cello and more.

Abour Safar

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'Dazkarieh' is not a Portuguese word, nor is it from any other known language. According to the band, it's a "magical word of unknown origin. It might have something to do with the energies that are released when several worlds, essences and influences touch each other." That is probably also the best definition one can come up with for the music of this group. In their repertoire, Dazkarieh travel through the musical universe of the Mediterranean, of the North of Portugal and Galicia, of the Middle-East, and of Africa. There they gather the sounds that they weave into tunes that can be calm and introspective (making us think of bands like Dead Can Dance), but can also change suddenly into real explosions of energy and rhythm, where the spiritual and emotional component is always present. - Joao Maia, RootsWorld

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