Tancaruja - Ballu furiosu - CD
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Ballu furiosu (Froias / CNI)

The third time out for this contemporary roots ensemble from Sardinia and this one really hits it's mark. Much stronger on their island roots, more agressive in their playing, this band is fast becoming one of the best new interpreters of the music. They move effortlessly from polyphonic singing to accordion-filled roots-rock, with style and originality.

Ballu furiosu
Cuccu meu
Mutos de Tanca

The musicians:
Pino Martini - guitar, bass, mandola, trunfa, vox
Valeria Martini - vox and little percussions
Giorgia Loi - vox
Antonio Neglia - classic guitare, bandurria, mandola, bouzouki, flautus, vox
Gabriele Martini - bass, trunfa, vox
Claudio Corona - keyboard and accordion
Cristiano Martini - drums
Sandro De Bellis - percusions

The band says:
Tancaruja is the result of a project of Pino Martini. He is the author of musics and lyrics and he lives between Milan and Sardinia. Although his poliedric artistic production, he has never abandoned the study of Sardinian music and poetry.

This is innovative Sardinian music is the direct consequence of years of passionate research and it is enriched with new contents: those of the global village. It is a music without stereotyps, rich of contaminations and influences, where the rigorous aesthetic of tradition and the freedom of innovation are melt together. The finished sound is the merging of Sardinian music into the global musical landscape.

Eight musicians compose the band.
They offer a concert that is a trip diary into a mutating and fascinating music. A concert that sings the land, the “tenores” poetry, the “logudoro” lullebies, the religious songs, the sensuale love, in a new and poetical musical language.

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